Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Taking walks around my gorgeous city.  Even if London is tricky, difficult and competitive, all the annoyances of everyday life fade to nothing in front of its astonishing beauty.

The fact that I can use free nail varnish at work (yes, my job is amazing, thanks for asking).

The fact that my wedding (and honeymoon!) is almost only a month away!

My morning Starbucks fix.

Reading a truly amazing book, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Americanah, on my commute every day.

The fact that BBC Weather claims "warmer fronts" are heading in from Wednesday on.

Finally mastering the art of vegan pancakes....almost (the one after the one in the picture looked a right mess)

Listening to Banks 

Drinking ginger tea

Looking at my honeymoon tickets and dreaming away to the sunny beaches of the Amalfi coast

Thinking back on our lovely weekend in Milan

The fact that it's still light outside when I leave the office

Shopping for wedding rings (no, I haven't found them yet. Yes, I know there's only a month left).

The amazing Conchita Wurst's win at the Eurovision Song Contest! I loved her song and performance.

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  1. Ti sposi???? AUGURI!!! Ma che bello!! E che bello che vai ad Amalfi!! Mio nonno era di la, conosco quei posti come le mia tasche, se hai bisogno di suggerimenti chiedi pure!
    Un bacione!


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