Inside the Head of a Bride-to-Be

Planning your own wedding is an amazing adventure. From the time you first lay eyes on The Dress to choosing your menus and flowers, it's basically a time to revel in fairy tale-esque wonderfulness, blissfully knowing that since it's Your Big Day, you're allowed to have absolutely anything you want and more. It's a magical time of excitement, moments of being moved to tears and butterflies racing through stomachs. It's about feeling loved, coming together, celebrating family and unity and love.


As the days go, you find there are things you never even considered before you became a Bride-to-Be. Things that would never even have crossed your mind. Things that, all of a sudden, keep you awake at night.

A warning (and a confessione): these days, if you're talking to me and my eyes glaze over, this is what I'm thinking of:

This will be the first occasion when my mother sees my father's new girlfriend. Will a blood bath erupt?

What if it rains?

What if the Mediterranean buffet we're having won't have enough Italian stuff and my in-laws get offended?

Speaking of my in-laws - what if we lose them at the airport?

What if it rains?

This will be the first occasion when my friend sees my other friend that he had a fling with three years ago. Will a blood bath erupt?

What if the new, last-minute photographer we were lucky enough to find drops out just like the other one?

What if it rains?

What if my shoes, the walk-on-clouds comfortable (and vegan!) in the bridal shop, end up hurting my feet?

What if my feet end up bleeding and I get blood on my dress?

What if I spill wine on my dress?

What if I spill cake on my dress?

What if I spill Mediterranean buffet stuff on my dress?

What if it rains?

What if my bridesmaid misplaces my bag with my iPhone in it?

Can I ask the atelier to add an iPhone holder to my dress?

What if it rains?

What if David decides he doesn't like his shirt or shoes or hair, two minutes before the ceremony?

What if the lady who's performing the ceremony drops out at the last minute?

What if our paperwork won't be ready?

What if it rains???

This is more or less the point where David wakes up and angrily mutters, "can you stop tossing and turning? I can't sleep!". Neither can I, I want to scream, and you're not even bothered with all this life-changing, mind-boggling, soul-stirring stuff! It's your damn big day too!

 But then I look at him, the Groom-to-Be, and he's sleeping ever so peacefully. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from him.

There is one thing that calms me down: a while ago, someone tweeted me this: "at the end of the day, are you married to the love of your life? If so, then it's been a success."

I try to keep that in mind. And I'm almost sure it won't rain.

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  1. I totally understand your thoughts.my wedding was last week and my only thought was..and if it rians? (it was in a garden!)
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

  2. Anche per me è stato così tutto al tempo a pensare e se piove? La cosa buffa è che non ci avevo pensato quando ho prenotato perchè il ristorante aveva un bellissimo giardino ma l'interno se pu grazioso sarebbe stato troppo piccolo in caso di pioggia.... Ciao Anna

  3. arrivo tardi ma ti dico questo: il giorno del mio matrimonio ha diluviato e non me ne poteva fregare assolutamente niente! Quel giorno ero la persona più felice del mondo!


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