Eco Style Icon: Greta Eagan

I love writing about people I admire, and eco-stylist Greta Eagan is definitely one of these people. Not only does the run the beautiful blog Fashion Me Green, but she has also worked with some of my favourite web and print publications - GLAMOUR, Huffington Post, Lucky and Refinery29. Oh, and she's also written a book, Wear No Evil, on how to add some eco flair into your wardrobe. 

I love Greta's work because she's living proof that conscious is chic and the future is green - even in fashion. Her work as a stylist is stellar and she's amazing at leading by example - her own style is the epitome of eco-chic.

Now, if only she'd use faux leather instead of real, this girl would be my ultimate style icon.

Pictures from Pinterest

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