Moving to London: More Questions Answered

I keep getting more emails than ever about moving to London - I think it's truly amazing that so many people appreciate our gorgeous city and want to come here.

Living here for a year and a half, some of my views on the city have changed and others have stayed the same. For example, I now understand why people say London is so expensive - IT IS. I also see why so many people talk badly about TFL or certain areas of the city. London can be dirty, scary and incredibly pricey. Not to mention competitive and not always fair.

Nonetheless, I'm still in love with it.

It's like being in love with someone compared to having a lasting love story: I know know most of this city's good band bad sides...and I love it even more for it.

This is just one of the reasons why I love helping people move here! Here's a selection of further questions I've gotten via email.


Eco Style Icon: Greta Eagan

I love writing about people I admire, and eco-stylist Greta Eagan is definitely one of these people. Not only does the run the beautiful blog Fashion Me Green, but she has also worked with some of my favourite web and print publications - GLAMOUR, Huffington Post, Lucky and Refinery29. Oh, and she's also written a book, Wear No Evil, on how to add some eco flair into your wardrobe. 

I love Greta's work because she's living proof that conscious is chic and the future is green - even in fashion. Her work as a stylist is stellar and she's amazing at leading by example - her own style is the epitome of eco-chic.

Now, if only she'd use faux leather instead of real, this girl would be my ultimate style icon.


Inside the Head of a Bride-to-Be

Planning your own wedding is an amazing adventure. From the time you first lay eyes on The Dress to choosing your menus and flowers, it's basically a time to revel in fairy tale-esque wonderfulness, blissfully knowing that since it's Your Big Day, you're allowed to have absolutely anything you want and more. It's a magical time of excitement, moments of being moved to tears and butterflies racing through stomachs. It's about feeling loved, coming together, celebrating family and unity and love.


As the days go, you find there are things you never even considered before you became a Bride-to-Be. Things that would never even have crossed your mind. Things that, all of a sudden, keep you awake at night.


What Vegans Eat: A Day in the Life

A friend of mine who's contemplating veganism asked me a while ago "but what do you actually eat?" And I realised that this question must be on many people's mind when meeting a vegan. Many omnivores literally have no idea what we eat - animal products take up so much space in traditional Western cuisines that you'd be hard-pressed to find ONE single vegan that has never heard the irritating but somewhat understandable "but what do you eat?". That's how the idea for this post came about. Follow me on a typical day and see what an average vegan actually eats.


Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

Taking walks around my gorgeous city.  Even if London is tricky, difficult and competitive, all the annoyances of everyday life fade to nothing in front of its astonishing beauty.

The fact that I can use free nail varnish at work (yes, my job is amazing, thanks for asking).

The fact that my wedding (and honeymoon!) is almost only a month away!


The Moment I First Realised I Was a Feminist

After publishing my fabulous Lifestyle Writer Johanna's article on feminism on Vilda yesterday, I started thinking about the first time I felt like a feminist - not because I knew what feminism was. I just instinctively felt that something was wrong, like the first time I realised where meat came from. It wasn't the first time that I questioned authority, but it was the first time that I felt that women, as a gender and a collective group, were treated unfairly.