A weekend in Brixton

One of the amazing things about living in our area of South London is that we're quite close to so many cool areas and interesting things to discover. These days, if we've got a Saturday on our hands with not much to do (unfortunately this is quite rare), we'll head to Brixton.

Brixton is full of buzzing, vibrant life. It's a melting pot of colours, shop windows and yummy scents of delicious food. When we move (and I hope that one day we will), I'd love to live in this vivid, colourful area that never gets boring.

There's one problem in Brixton: where to eat. I'm not kidding - there's so much choice that you'll spend many an agonising half-hour deciding. We went for a Colombian place that we ended up loving (and had tons of vegan choice!).

But the one place that you should never miss if you go to Brixton, whether you're vegan or not, is the amazing Ms Cupcake in Coldharbour lane. Offering different flavours every time (carrot and cinnamon, anyone?), this 100% vegan bakery is pretty much God's gift to vegans everywhere. The cupcakes are so amazing I have no words - the one in the photo is Oreo-flavoured and let me tell you that was one painful pic to take, as I couldn't wait for the photo moment to be over so I could TUCK IN.

...and of course there had to be an espresso moment.

My future husband!

...all in all, a pretty awesome Saturday.

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