Things I Wish I Was Wearing Right Now

Actually, I'm pretty happy in my starry dress and black ankle boots today, but still, if I could dream away...here's how I'd dress to brave the ever-changing spring weather in London...and soon Milan (I'm off for a long weekend on Thursday!).


My Views on Fitspiration

This morning, I did a Tone It Up leg and booty workout and then 30 minutes of advanced strength power yoga.  I had my coffee about an hour earlier, so I was buzzing with energy, which is usually not the case. On weekdays, I do my workouts after work (because who wants to be getting up any earlier? 6.30 is torture enough for me) and am ridiculously tired and not in the mood to sweat it out at all.

Which is why I often take a look at the fitspiration Instagram accounts I follow, to get my energy and motivation up. And yes, I admit it: thinking "this is really good for my health" is sometimes less effective than imagining myself on the beaches of Sorrento on my honeymoon this summer, looking kick-ass amazing. That's the power of fitspo.


Cornish Easter: A Weekend in Newquay

I'm a city girl. Always have been and probably always will be. Chaos energises me and the frenetic metropolitan lifestyle is my element. Even so, when it's time for a getaway, the charm of seaside towns never fails to appeal to me. Anything beachy is always a welcome treat, especially when it's a brand new place that is yet to be seen, experienced, discovered.


Why I Don't Like Dove's Beauty Patch Ad

Dove has been pioneering "true beauty" for a while: the skincare brand's Real Beauty campaign was a success (I bought the bracelet!) and their Beauty Sketches was even more of a hit. As a former sufferer of eating disorders, I find in commendable that a brand that focuses on selling beauty products sends out a message that addresses self-esteem. One might comment on how, as a brand, Dove couldn't care less about how you feel about yourself: all they want is for you to buy their latest moisturising, beautifying concoction. And true as that may be, I still felt it was a nice move to even acknowledge the fact that body confidence is an issue. Plus, the Beauty Sketches video was just lovely and gorgeous. 

But Dove's latest attempt to lift our self-esteem leaves me perplexed.


Fab giveaway with Jill Milan on Vilda Magazine

Yes, really! We've teamed up with Jill Milan to give away a bag to one lucky reader - click here to see the bag you'll be winning (it's the one in the picture, but not the same colour) - a beautiful portfolio clutch that's made in Italy from cruelty-free materials. This bag is as versatile as it is chic, taking you effortlessly from morning to evening - all while staying sustainable and animal-friendly.

What do you have to win? It's so easy it's almost embarrassing.

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GOOD LUCK to all my readers - I hope one of you wins!


Do What YOU Love. And Screw the Rest.

I saw a nautical-themed Pinterest quote picture today, stating something like, "a rough day at sea is better than any day in the office." It had this cute "hey sailor" look, but, as a writer, I tend to pay attention to words a lot, and this particular "inspirational" quote made me take note, once again, of how our culture celebrates "freedom" in such a wrong way. These "live your life to the fullest!" people mean well, but it all turns out so, so wrong.


A weekend in Brixton

One of the amazing things about living in our area of South London is that we're quite close to so many cool areas and interesting things to discover. These days, if we've got a Saturday on our hands with not much to do (unfortunately this is quite rare), we'll head to Brixton.


Me in Marie Claire UK!

Guys, my Marie Claire feature is finally here!

I saw the magazine this morning and rushed to buy it, anxious to end several weeks' worth of nerve-wracking wondering: what photo had they picked? Would I look as awkward as felt? What would they write about Vilda? What did my mentor, Poppy, say about me?