Jared Leto Wins an Oscar, Which Makes Me So Happy

C'mon, you knew I was going to post this today.

If you've been following me for a while I guess it's not really news that I am a MASSIVE Jared Leto fan. I went into full fangirl mode around 2009, but, like most other members of the female species, I had a crush on him when I was fifteen. Jordan Catalano gave me hope: if someone that outer-worldly gorgeous could like the outcast girl at school, then maybe all wasn't lost for me and my hopeless crush on the hottest guy in my year (I conveniently forgot that while Claire Danes' Angela was a flame-haired beauty, my high school self looked like a slimmer version of Ugly Betty). Flash forward ten-or-so years later, when I saw the A Beautiful Lie video and voilá - a slightly unhealthy obsession was born.

Now that everyone and their dog loooooooves the man I've been Twitter and Instagram stalking for years (the gushing over his hair makes me laugh - I loved him back when he had this hair), I think back to my first 30 Seconds to Mars concert in Milan in 2011, the second one this summer in Stockholm and finally the third at London's 02 Arena this November. It was magical, always magical. I've heard several guitarist acquaintances of mine say that Jared's "too pretty" to be a good musician (I wonder where that puts people like Kurt Cobain), which reminds me that the whole "female jealousy" myth is untrue - men can be incredibly petty too. Having said that, he is, in my opinion, the most gorgeous man on the face of the planet - not to mention the best singer in the world right now (I should know - if I don't listen to 30 Seconds to Mars for one day, my Spotify gets worried: "you haven't listened to 30 Seconds to Mars in a long time. Play now? PLAY NOW?") And he's vegan! Swoon.

I love Jared's Oscar win not only because Dallas Buyers Club is a wonderful, wonderful film (I haven't seen 12 Years a Slave but I still believe that Dallas should have won Best Picture!), but also because I'm just blown away by this man's creativity, in his music, as a video director, songwriter and actor. I remember his fantastic turn in Requiem For a Dream, one of the most disturbing and most beautiful films I've ever seen. I watched it over and over again when I lived in Los Angeles - we had one of those free movie channels that played the same movies over and over - and I can still recall that intensity of his performance. I thought I caught a glimpse of that magic again when I saw him as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club. His total dedication to this project is awe-inspiring , and I'm not just talking about the weight loss (once again, it's NOT THE SAME when an actress loses tons of weight for a movie. Jared and Matthew shed the pounds to tell a story, not for vanity), but his work on the character, his delicate and incredibly nuanced portrayal of such an interesting, complex role. I'm glad that in this day and age talent is still brought forth and recognised. And his acceptance speech was just flawless. By the way, how beautiful is his mother?

On another note: it's funny how everyone's whining about Leonardo DiCaprio not winning - but last year apparently you were all fine with Hugh Jackman being robbed blind? I've seen both Les Misérables and Lincoln and that was nothing but robbery. Where was all this public outrage back then? I love Leonardo DiCaprio, he's one of the best actors of our generation and yes, it's indescribably stupid that he still doesn't have an Oscar (Blood Diamond, anyone?). But I'm against the idea of giving someone an award "because he should have won one years ago". This year, in this film, Matthew McConaughey was, in fact, Best Actor. No questions.

But enough for now. I'm going to go watch this video another hundred times.

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  1. when I saw Jared winning the Oscar, I really thought that you would to one post about it! and by the way, this year was better!


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