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I confess: I'm not exactly loyal to my beauty brands. However much I may love my everyday favourites, I tend to cheat on them with new, interesting labels quite often. As was the case when I was approached by Arbonne to try out some of their skin and bodycare products. Curious as I am, I jumped at the opportunity.

 Consultant Angie introduced me to a vast array of vegan-friendly products for the face and body. Trying my way through the samples, a number of favourites quickly emerged:

Extra Moisture Restorative Day Cream SPF20 - this cream is more like a thick mousse protects from the sun's rays and delivers loads of moisture. It's not the lightest cream - I had to really massage my face to get it in there - but the softness it gives it amazing.

Regenerating Toner - I'm a huge fan of toner. It helps keep my skin clear and

Night Repair Creme - super-softening and soothing. I actually loved the scent of this cream.

Corrective Eye Cream - this stung a little bit, but I like my eye cream to sting a little. It makes me feel like it's more effective. And the final effect it hand on my eyelids was awesome - ti delivered a lovely mix of perking up and soothing.

Intensive Renewal Serum - a tightening and refreshing serum that felt like an alarm clock for my face - a wake-up call that energised and revitalised.

What I liked about the brand was that they asked me to fill out a questionnaire asking me for info on my lifestyle, diet, skin, hair and the products I normally use. I've never had to do this for a beauty brand before and I appreciated this personal approach - I know that any product Angie advises me will be selected to fit me to a tee. And judging from the samples, I'll definitely be trying more!

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