In Defence of Valentine's Day

Photo taken forever ago (when I found Desigual dresses sooo cool) at Model House Sweden

Quite frankly, I'm getting a bit sick and tired of all the V-Day haters out there. I mean, there's war, cruelty, famine, violence and fox fur collars with actual fox heads on them out there - and what do you choose to get mad about? A romantic holiday, that's what. I just don't get all the cynicism surrounding 14 February: if you're single, you don't really have to do anything (rather uncomplicated) and if you're part of a couple, it's a reason to go for a nice dinner, have a glass (or bottle) of wine and a chat. Really, it's not the devil. Here are a few popular V-Day complaints and what I think of them:

It's a consumerist Hallmark card-pushing holiday: the holiday is what you make of it. Nothing has to be consumerist unless you make it all about the presents. You don't even need to buy presents: David painted a portrait of me last Valentine's Day and one year I made him a mixed CD. I specifically dislike the "it's all just to make money" comment, as that's not unique to Valentine's day, really, that's everything: if I'm going to a vegan restaurant, they're "using" my veganism to make money by catering to my specific needs. If I buy low-cost fashion, the brand is cashing in on the fact that I'm not very rich. All the businesses in the world do what they do to make money, it's kind of how the world goes round (just kidding, love makes the world go round! Hear that, anti V-Day cynics?)

It's mushy and saccharine: once again, doesn't have to be. Buy a funny card instead of a romantic one, stay in and eat pizza with some nice wine and watch a really funny movie. But if I may say so, a bit of mush and saccharine would only do this jaded world of ours some good, IMHO.

Everywhere is crowded and overpriced: it is. I agree with you on this one. But nothing's stopping you from cooking a nice dinner at home and having a romantic night in.

But you're supposed to show your love the rest of the year as well: jeez, people, what do you have against celebrating? Like a wise friend of mine said, "it's like not saying happy birthday to someone because you love them when it's not their birthday as well". Prefer to celebrate a more you-specific date, like an anniversary? Do like we do and celebrate both! The more wine and chocolate the better, right?

But I'm single: grab a couple of friends, go out and have fun. Who knows, you might meet the love of your life? And then your anniversary will be on Valentine's Day, so you can celebrate everything in one day and never complain about V-Day again.

Bottom line: if you want to celebrate tonight, go ahead and nevermind the haters. If you don't want to celebrate, then to you today is simply Friday (pretty awesome in its own right), so leave us lovers to it. As for us, we'll be spending tonight at Woodlands
veggie Indian restaurant!

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