A pleasant delivery: Beanies Flavoured Coffee

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A lovely part of having a blog like this is that sometimes I get sent coffee. This is something I'm particularly fond of, as one of my more particular desires is to, one day in the distant future, become a coffee expert - something like a coffee sommelier. The thought of sampling different coffees, saying things like "hmm, this blend has a rich, fruity taste with a slight hint of cardamon." Isn't that the dream? So thank you, everyone who sends me coffee - not only are you making my mornings much more bearable, but you're also enriching my knowledge on a topic I'm particularly passionate about - coffee.

Case in point: a recent discovery that is likely to become an obsession, Beanies Flavoured Coffee.

This Tuesday, while at work, I got a phone call from David:

'There is a package waiting for you at home.'
'Is this your way of talking dirty?'
'You're a hoot. No, an actual package. I can't tell what's in it, but it smells like chocolate.'

When I got home, our entire room was sweetly scented of chocolate, cinnamon and that mouthwatering fragrance of coffee that just can't be mistaken. The kind people over at Beanies had sent me four packets of their flavoured coffee: Chocolate Chip, TiramisĂș, Cinnamon & Hazelnut and Chocolate & Brandy (yes, I chose the flavours. Yes, it was one of the hardest things I'd ever had to do), that would not only be a shining beacon of hope to get me up in the morning, but would also function as a home fragrance (hey, we don't have much cash). After having buried my nose in each of the packages, it took David a well-timed "NOOOOOOO!" to keep me from opening all of them at once. Seriously guys, the smell is that good.

Over the days that followed, I started actually looking forward to getting up at 6.30, as my mornings were transformed into a coffee-tasting festival. There are no words I am more fond of hearing in the morning than, 'honey, would you like Hazelnut & Cinnamon or Chocolate Chip?' (well, maybe 'honey, we won the lottery'). I confess: the fragrant package compelled me to throw my "only herbal tea in the morning" rule out the window for almost the entire week. Sorry, herbal tea, I will always love you - but coffee is that decadent lover I'll constantly cheat on you with.

I find that, much like cats and dogs, coffee and tea aren't two things that one must necessarily feel forced to choose between. There are quite a few substantial differences between coffee and herbal tea. Herbal tea is the good guy: the responsible, loyal and seemingly perfect companion that you know is good for you. Coffee is the school-skipping friend you had at thirteen who taught you to shoplift and smoke: you know she's no good, but you're inexplicably drawn to her. Tea is cosy and comforting on cold and rainy winter nights. Coffee is that instant boost of energy that makes you face cold and rainy winter mornings with a smile.

With that in mind, a breakdown of the delicious Beanie Flavours I had the luxury to sample:

Chocolate Chip: yes, this is what you think - a chocolate chip cookie in coffee form. Tastes like heaven with some almond milk and is an amazing afternoon pick-me-up.

TiramisĂș: sweet, but with quite a smooth flavour. Perfect post-dessert dinner coffee.

Cinnamon & Hazelnut: Sunday morning breakfast perfection. Tastes quite a lot of cinnamon, so if you love it (like I do) then you'll love it.

Chocolate & Brandy: decadent, luxurious, a bit boozy. An great Friday night "the week is over" indulgence.

I'll definitely order more from Beanies - head over here  to pick out some new favourites! Be warned: the premium roasts all sound beyond amazing and there are lots of them, so chances are you're still sitting at your computer in two hours crying and tearing your hair out, not knowing what to pick (personal experience). They only use the finest raw materials, are vegan and sugar free.


  1. Oh, I know what you mean about your coffee sommelier dream! I have the same. I'm thinking of subscribing to Kopi to get different gourmet coffee every month, that might help :)

  2. Love the article and a great website, thank you for sharing :-)


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