Things I Love Movies: Dallas Buyers Club

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say this is one of the best films of this decade. And not only because I'm hopelessly in love with Jared Leto, who gives a breathtaking performance as a HIV-positive transsexual.The only other Oscar nominee I've seen so far is American Hustle, which, while pretty good, doesn't even come close to the levels of amazingness touched by Dallas Buyers. If you haven't seen this movie, do yourself a favour and DO SO NOW.


Yes, TFL, It's Your Fault

When I first moved here, everyone would complain about Transport for London, which didn't worry me much: I figured it couldn't be worse than ATM, Milan's transport system that brought us the joy of weekly strikes (always on a Friday) and timetables that apparently existed just for the purpose of bus stop decoration. After two years in Milan, I was ready to take on TFL, where the only troubling aspect was the ridiculous price (that I had also been warned about).


How to...Find a Job in London

Those of you that have followed me might remember that my history with job hunting has been both long and painful. Since I have now found a full-time job (yay!) I thought I'd share the few things I've picked up along the way - inside info from the battlefield might be useful to those planning to take on the adventure of trying to find a London job. As you keep reading, remember this Pinterest-worthy and somewhat cliché yet oh so true little quote: "I didn't say it was going to be easy. I said it was going to be worth it".


Books I loved in 2013

Note: this photo does not contain nor represent ALL the books I read and loved in 2013. There were many, many others.

Reading is one of my favourite pleasures in life. When other girls go mad about shoe shops,  I can spend hours in bookstores. My idea of paradise is a huge room full of books, a couch, a pot of coffee...and lots of free time. Going to the library is something I look forward to and I finish pretty much every day with a few pages of the book I'm currently reading - even if I don't get to bed until 2 am. So it's no surprise that I fall in love with books.