Model Me: I'm one of the Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty

As if we needed more proof that absolutely anyone can be a model these days, I am stunned to announce that I have been chosen as one of the five Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty, the UK-based beauty brand offering vegan and cruelty-free beauty goodies.

Yes, really.

Yeah, I know, I'm amazed too.

Okay, you can stop acting surprised now, I'm getting kinda offended here.

I'll tell you how it all happened: in the summer when I saw the competition, I was sitting at a coffee shop working (or, you know, browsing online beauty shopping pages when I should be working) when I saw the competition where BWC were looking for five Faces of the brand. It said on the page that "you don't have to work as, or want to work as, a model to enter", so I thought what the heck. I mean, it's fun, it's for a cause I truly believe in and besides they're NEVER going to pick me, so why not?

When I got the email that said that I'd made the top 20, I didn't tell anyone and put it out of my mind. I figured that was as far as I was going to get. After all, even if it said that you "don't have to work as a model", the term spokesMODEL is usually used to describe someone who, yes, has charisma and personality, but who also must possess at least some physical attributes that bring the term "model" to mind. Which, in my own idea of what society accepts as a "model", does not always include a 30-year-old who's 170cm, 58 kg and and has a complexion that can best be described as vampiresque chic (nope, there's no bronzer known to man that will make me appear at least human-coloured. Only a week in Costa Brava will do, as I learned this summer. But I find my pallor tends to look quite striking with red lipstick). As Carrie Bradshaw put it, "I don't want people to think I can't see the difference between a model and me."

Having made piece with being more Carrie than Cara (Delevingne), I forgot all about the competition until yesterday when another email arrived: I've been selected. I, along with four other girls, will represent Beauty Without Cruelty all through 2014.

I mean, how crazy is this.

My first reaction was WHAT.

My second reaction was, "but I have a huge wrinkle on my forehead".

My third reaction was, "free stuff! YAY!"

My fourth reaction was to go find the other girls on Facebook and Twitter (I have my ways...) and find that yes, they are in fact all gorgeous. And much younger than me. One is a singer and absolutely stunning. Cue panic.

Now as the initial OMG moment has settled, I'm beyond honoured and humbled to have been chosen. This is a cause I believe in with all my heart and want to dedicate my life to, so I'll try to give my very best to the campaign and be as good a spokesperson for the brand as I possibly can.

I just hope there's no runway involved.

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