Hopes and wishes for 2014

photo by my talented sister Sofie

As 2013 comes to an end, I'm mostly feeling...sleepy. I don't sleep well without David and after ten nights by myself, I'd be surprised if I can make it past midnight tonight. But, as I often like to say in the mornings, there's nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix!

My day will mainly consist of picking up David at the airport, get ready and then eat, drink and be merry with my family. Saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in the new year will be a cozy, food and wine-fuelled affair.

While 2013 wasn't a life-changing year like 2012 for me, it still brought a few very interesting highs and lows.

This was the year when I travelled to Spain for David's and my dream holiday.

This was the year when I got invited to VegFest London.

The year when I truly got into yoga.

The year when I got published in one of my favourite web magazines.

The year when my little sister got married...and pregnant!

The year when I saw not one but two 30 Seconds to Mars concerts.

The year that I turned 30.

The year when I found my wedding dress.

And finally, this was the year that something really huge happened - Marie Claire UK chose me for their Inspire & Mentor Scheme, which led to Vilda Magazine being created. I'm truly thankful for this: for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm doing exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.

I have high hopes for 2014.

I hope for many late Saturday mornings drenched in sunshine and filled with delicious vegan breakfasts in our new kitchen.

I hope for new highs reached in my yoga practice: a bigger understanding, higher strength, more acceptance.

I hope for many after-work drinks and laughter-filled lunches with my new coworkers.

I hope for many soy lattes at Starbucks chatting with new and old friends.

I hope to sit by many stages across venues in London watching David play.

I hope to share my ideas in my new job and feel like part of a team again (oh, how I've missed it!).

I hope not to stumble on my vegan heels as I walk down the aisle (not an actual aisle, as we're not getting married in a church).

I hope to hug each and every one of my family and close friends at our wedding.

I hope to decorate my flat exactly as I imagine it in my head (and on my Pinterest board).

I hope to manage to get a golden tan under the Amalfi coast sun on our honeymoon.

I hope to raise a bigger awareness for the cruelty-free cause while working as a spokesmodel for Beauty Without Cruelty.

I hope that Vilda Magazine will become huge. Not as much for me as Editor in Chief but for the cause. There are lots of amazing vegan designers and beauty brands out there that deserve recognition. My team and I are working hard at giving vegan fashion the chic makeover it so needs. We all truly love our project and are dedicated to it. That's why I have no doubt that it will be fabulous.

As will this 2014.

I wish you all the very best and hope you have an amazing year. I hope all your dreams come true and that, after a bit of struggle, you'll see your hopes and wishes unfold in front of you. You deserve it!


  1. I wish you all the best! Have a great evening and an even greater 2014 with new adventures, lots of love & laughter. x

  2. Ti faccio un sacco di complimenti, finalmente c'è qualcuno che cerca di mettere a frutto le proprie passioni per una causa, mostrando che si può essere alla moda e-lasciami passare il termine-estremamente fighe senza indossare strati di pelle, pellicce e quant'altro!!Continua così, io ti seguo da quando avevi il blog su Style.it e continuerò a farlo (anche se talvolta ti leggo in silenzio, senza commentare!!!) Felice 2014!!!


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