What I want this Christmas

To enjoy Russian tea with Swedish saffron Christmas sweets
To watch movies with my sister curled up on her sofa
To walk along any street in Stockholm and see every window of every building twinkle with Christmas decorations
To help decorate a tree that isn't a miniature from Argos
To see Hugh Grant do that dance in Love Actually
Lots of cinnamon-flavoured soy lattes (no, I haven't had enough of these from Starbucks and Costa and Caffé Nero! You can never have too many holiday-flavoured lattes)
To watch Elf and The Holiday (again)
To spend my days sipping tea and reading magazines (I realise it won't actually happen as I have tons and tons of work to do)
To see my sister's face light up as she unwraps the tiny baby dresses I got her (she's giving birth in April)
To enjoy mulled wine, Swedish-style: with raisins and almonds
To eat and eat and eat some more
To elbow my way through one of Stockholm's epic December 26th - January 1st sales. Of course it would be even nicer if I could afford to actually buy something
To be woken up by my mum's kitten jumping on me
To have said kitten fall asleep in my lap
To spend time with my family and feel at home again

And after Christmas is over, I can't wait to pick David up at the airport. He's spending Christmas with his parents in Milan (I could technically come, since my family's Russian and our Christmas is 7th January, but my mother's going to Moscow to see her sister and I'm staying behind to watch her cats!) and coming in on the 31st to spend New Year's here in Stockholm with us. My flight landed last night, I spent my first night without him and miss him to bits already! This is our Christmas song:

pic from Pinterest


  1. Europe seems so cold! I live in South America, so is kinda hot! haha Wish you a Happy Vegan XMAS! :D

    1. This year isn't that bad: it's not even snowing here yet (and I'm in Sweden right now! Back home in London it was quite warm too). But it's not as nice as South America! Happy Holidays to you too!


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