Hopes and wishes for 2014

photo by my talented sister Sofie

As 2013 comes to an end, I'm mostly feeling...sleepy. I don't sleep well without David and after ten nights by myself, I'd be surprised if I can make it past midnight tonight. But, as I often like to say in the mornings, there's nothing a good cup of coffee can't fix!

My day will mainly consist of picking up David at the airport, get ready and then eat, drink and be merry with my family. Saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in the new year will be a cozy, food and wine-fuelled affair.


Unkept resolutions and big changes

My best Instagram moments of the year on video - thanks Statigram!

Every year, like so many of us, I make New Year's resolutions. They mostly tend to be about rather big life changes - I'm not a do-things-halfway kind of girl. Quite surprisingly, I do keep my resolutions most of the time. In 2011, I vowed to start volunteering at a dog and cat shelter. I did, not until October, but still.
2012 was a huge year: I promised to go vegan and move to London and I did both. After so many changes, calmer times were bound to come and indeed, 2013 was the first year that my resolutions were left unfulfilled.


What I want this Christmas

To enjoy Russian tea with Swedish saffron Christmas sweets
To watch movies with my sister curled up on her sofa
To walk along any street in Stockholm and see every window of every building twinkle with Christmas decorations


Why freelancing is not "the dream"

starving artist tip

Disclaimer: this post does not in any way mean I regret my choice to quit my job. I'm very glad I did and would have done the same thing if I were to go back in time.

Yesterday I got a letter in the mail that made me drop my cup of ginger tea all over myself. It was a letter from the Swedish tax authorities letting me know I have an ENORMOUS amount to pay over a very short time - expenses connected to my closing down my company since I moved to the UK and setting up UK self-employment instead. It will be sorted out, so don't worry about me! But it made me think of how the freelancing lifestyle is often sold as a Dream Lifestyle...and how it really, really isn't.


Christmas in Southbank

I love London at any time of the year, but around Christmas time it's magical. It all lights up with a million twinkling fairy lights, filling the air with a festive atmosphere that's unique and at the same time so familiar. I love discovering little pieces of Christmas magic around the city - and I'm lucky enough to live really close to one of them, Southbank centre.


Competition on Vilda Magazine!

This is exciting! My magazine's having its very first giveaway!

Starting today and until the 19th of December, you can win a free box full of vegan goodies from The Vegan Kind, a lovely monthly subscription service that I love!

If you live in the UK (sorry, they only ship to the UK for now), head here to take part in the competition!


Model Me: I'm one of the Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty

As if we needed more proof that absolutely anyone can be a model these days, I am stunned to announce that I have been chosen as one of the five Faces of Beauty Without Cruelty, the UK-based beauty brand offering vegan and cruelty-free beauty goodies.

Yes, really.

Yeah, I know, I'm amazed too.

Okay, you can stop acting surprised now, I'm getting kinda offended here.


London Q&A: the myths, the truths and everything you want to know

Since I receive emails almost every day asking me advice and tips on moving to London, I thought I'd put together a little Q&A on how to move here, what to keep in mind and what to expect from your first months in London. My first piece of advice if you're planning to move is DO IT. London is a fantastic city and, even if it's quite a difficult city to start out in, it's still worth a try if your heart is set on making it. Here are the answers to some of the questions I'm regularly asked: