Things I Love: Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" song and video

How much do I love this song and video?

I stumbled across it the other day when Caitlin Moran tweeted it. What makes me laugh are all the comments from people saying that "you shouldn't complain about women being naked in videos and then do it yourself." OH PLEASE! If the irony behind it isn't crystal clear to you, maybe you should question your interpretation skills.

I love the way Lily makes fun of, and at the same time brings light to, the way women are objectified in society and in music videos. Sending up Robin Thicke's horrible Blurred Lines  and the like, Lily manages to stay sarcastic and make a very important point at the same time.

Why are the women always the ones to be naked in the music videos? Why does anyone have to be naked? Why can't it be about the music?

Why is there always the need to place emphasis on the way that women look? Why is always about being sexy, "bagging" a husband and "keeping your figure" (hey, as a yoga fanatic, I'm all for staying in shape - but for the right reasons)?

Lily's song makes a clear point: this is ridiculous. It's refreshing to see a young female artist saying "hell no!" to this quite disgusting depiction of womankind and society's absurd expectations on women (as if we had nothing better to do than nip and tuck our love handles!).

A few people have told me I look like Lily and I've always taken this as a huge compliment: I think she's something as rare as a beautiful woman who refuses to be sexualised. Which is awesome.

What do you think about the song and video?

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  1. Love the song and the video! Lily is awesome and yes, i also think you kinda look like her.


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