The VeganKind: an instant pick-me-up

This week has been anything but a pleasure: on Monday I got TWO calls from job interviews both giving me the "we're sorry" speech, plus I worked so much on my freelance projects and Vilda that I ended up in bed with the mother of all colds (I haven't had a cold in a year and a half, since going vegan!) and a monster headache - I never have headaches. I've literally never had one in my life before. As soon as I even looked at the computer screen, my head exploded to pieces. So it's not been the best of weeks. But one good thing that happened was that the very first The Vegan Kind box landed in my mailbox!

This is the UK's first vegan box service featuring food, lifestyle and beauty products. It was started by Karris and it's lovely. Aside from the obvious marvellousness of receiving a big box of surprise goodies in the mail, there's also the fact that the goodies themselves are absolutely amazing.

...now, if this is not a pick-me-up, I don't know what is!


First of all, there's tea. I've already mentioned that this blog should change its name to Tea & Biker Boots and lately, herbal tea is pretty much all I drink - I don't know if moving to England has something to do with it, but I'm obsessed. That ginseng tea I bought at a Chinese shop a month ago and hated? Stirring it as we speak. So thanks for indulging my obsession, TVK!

I can't wait to try this...and I love the little fabric bags they come in.

I've eaten sour candy! I NEVER get to eat sour candy, since it's never vegan. But Goody Good Stuff obviously is and it's just as sour and delicious as I remembered!

A deodorant tiny enough to fit in my carry-on? Yes, please!

This miso was especially helpful in these days that I had a cold. And obviously delicious.

...and I am making French toast tomorrow!

Final verdict: I'm definitely staying subscribed!

To find out more, go to www.thevegankind.com

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