Saying yes to the dress

Photo: I've said yes to the dress.

NB: to respect the whole "groom can't see the bride in the dress" tradition, none of the pictures in this post are of The Dress. They are all of other dresses I tried on.

I lived a fairytale today.

From waking up this morning in my hometown of Stockholm and having breakfast with my mum to travelling into the city and meeting up with my sister and best friend (also known as The Bridesmaids) to standing in front of the wedding shop and realising that we weren't here for anyone else. We were here for me. I was going to choose my wedding dress today.

One thing my sister (who got married last summer and is now expecting a baby) told me is definitely true: that when you see a dress in a picture or on a hanger, it's one thing. When  you try it on for yourself, it's entirely different. I had my ideas before I stepped into the shop: once I came in, they were all out the window. I was losing myself in a sea of white tulle, of lace-up corsets, of delicate drapings and skirts that flowed when I walked. I wore a veil for the first time in my life.

I tried on four dresses. Only four. And the first one I tried on was The One.

They say that finding The Dress is like finding the guy: when it's right, you know it. And I'm here to tell you that it's true. Not to be cliché or sickly-sweet, but as soon as the shop assistant helped me put on the dress, it was love. I felt my heart beating, "yes, this is it!" But I told myself that the palpitations were probably due to the excitement of this being the first wedding dress I've ever tried on (that or my mum's extra strong coffee!) and tried three more beautiful dresses, one more gorgeous than the next. But my heart was set on the first one.

The shop only had one item of that dress, in the sample size. For the mannequin. It's from the new collection and not all items were in yet. I figured it would be too small, but it fit perfectly and was comfortable - yes, comfortable! - gorgeous and mine. I could see myself marrying David in it. I could see it being the dress in my wedding pictures that I would look at for the rest of my life. And I could picture David's face when he'd see me in it for the first time.

So now, I have a dress. And a groom. All that's missing is...everything else. Lots of planning to do!


  1. So exciting! Can't wait to see your actual dress you will look beautiful xx

  2. How very exciting!!! The first dress we try on is always the ONE! Happy stress-free wedding planning, lovely xx

  3. Längtar så mycket!!

  4. Sarai bellissima!! Non vedo l'ora di vedere l'abito che hai scelto!! Caffettino la prossima settimana??
    Un bacio!


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