Head over Heels: the perfect vegan ankle boots

Even though I spend a lot of my time in flat boots (sometimes I ask myself if the blog should change its name to Ginger Tea and Biker Boots), I still love a bit of heel: that little extra push, that elevation, that sense of put-togetherness is a game-changer. I remember when I was young(er) and still finding myself through various shoe personalities: for about six months, I wore only heels. All the time, even to the supermarket. Then I rebelled against the "men don't find ballet flats sexy" notion by spending an entire summer sporting a vast variety of ballerinas. And a few years ago, as my grunge period began (and never truly ended), I discovered Converse and thought I'd never wear anything else...until winter came and I slipped into a pair of comfy biker boots. But back to heels now.

It wasn't until I moved to London that I discovered the type of heel that really works for me. You'll easily spot it: it's the one all the London girls wear with their cocoon winter coats and messenger bags, their hair twisted faux-casually into buns. A chunky heel, never too high: it's all about the comfort. I make a strong case against shoes that are perfect to sit down in and practically useless otherwise. Shoes are made for walking, any shoes, unless you're going to the Oscars, and even then you'll be walking up a red carpet. Few things make me as nervous as ultra-high, super-thin heels. I can feel the balls of my feel aching, my calves tightening and my heels sore as I look at them. Only a very high platform can save what was created to be an extremely uncomfortable shoe. With a few beautiful exceptions, I tend to stick to shoes that get me to the tube station without wishing my feet would fall off.

These ankle boots are from the Swedish low-cost shoe chain Din Sko that has lots of beautiful styles, offers amazing prices and is a goldmine for vegans! The quality is okay, better than many other low-cost shoe places, and the designs are often timeless and simple. I wore them for the first time today and I love them!

Buy them here - the site's in Swedish, sorry about that.

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  1. Love the boots - they look a bit like vegan version of Acne Pistol, almost! I'm a huge fan of Swedish fashion retail sites.


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