Vilda Magazine is now live!

I almost can't believe it!

From a tiny idea I had a year and a half ago...to something that's actually online for the world to see.

As I published my first-ever Editor's Notes, I stopped and thought about what a wild journey it has been...and it's only just beginning.


Things I love TV: Orange is the New Black

All of my US readers will think I'm SO late to the party, whereas many readers from other countries will either exclaim, "oh God, I love it so much too!" or wonder, "what's that?" I'm especially glad for the latter - if I manage to inspire someone to watch Orange is the New Black, I'll have a reason to really be proud of myself today.


The VeganKind: an instant pick-me-up

This week has been anything but a pleasure: on Monday I got TWO calls from job interviews both giving me the "we're sorry" speech, plus I worked so much on my freelance projects and Vilda that I ended up in bed with the mother of all colds (I haven't had a cold in a year and a half, since going vegan!) and a monster headache - I never have headaches. I've literally never had one in my life before. As soon as I even looked at the computer screen, my head exploded to pieces. So it's not been the best of weeks. But one good thing that happened was that the very first The Vegan Kind box landed in my mailbox!


Things I Love: Lily Allen's "Hard Out Here" song and video

How much do I love this song and video?

I stumbled across it the other day when Caitlin Moran tweeted it. What makes me laugh are all the comments from people saying that "you shouldn't complain about women being naked in videos and then do it yourself." OH PLEASE! If the irony behind it isn't crystal clear to you, maybe you should question your interpretation skills.


The road less travelled

Yesterday I had a discussion (read: screaming fight) with David at Starbucks about the sacrifices of being vegan. David was an omnivore before we got together and is now (most days) a vegetarian, thanks to my influence - his words, not mine, I never try to influence anyone. David claimed that being vegan does have its sacrifices while I kept insisting that wasn't the case. Now that I've had some time to think about it, I've realised we were both right. And wrong.


Head over Heels: the perfect vegan ankle boots

Even though I spend a lot of my time in flat boots (sometimes I ask myself if the blog should change its name to Ginger Tea and Biker Boots), I still love a bit of heel: that little extra push, that elevation, that sense of put-togetherness is a game-changer. I remember when I was young(er) and still finding myself through various shoe personalities: for about six months, I wore only heels. All the time, even to the supermarket. Then I rebelled against the "men don't find ballet flats sexy" notion by spending an entire summer sporting a vast variety of ballerinas. And a few years ago, as my grunge period began (and never truly ended), I discovered Converse and thought I'd never wear anything else...until winter came and I slipped into a pair of comfy biker boots. But back to heels now.


Saying yes to the dress

Photo: I've said yes to the dress.

NB: to respect the whole "groom can't see the bride in the dress" tradition, none of the pictures in this post are of The Dress. They are all of other dresses I tried on.

I lived a fairytale today.

From waking up this morning in my hometown of Stockholm and having breakfast with my mum to travelling into the city and meeting up with my sister and best friend (also known as The Bridesmaids) to standing in front of the wedding shop and realising that we weren't here for anyone else. We were here for me. I was going to choose my wedding dress today.