Unreal Fur: fake it with style

“You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Even if a few maniacs out there (such as myself) still insist on open shoes, there's no denying the fact that summer is behind us. October is here, with crisp leaves and chilly winds, prompting fashionistas everywhere to make room in their wardrobes for stylish winter warmers. And I find myself wanting a fur coat, but definitely NOT of the variety that Anna Wintour would have liked.

Unreal Fur are real style champions - they're taking faux fur to the next level and actually making it cool. How? By realising that what compassionate fashion really needs is the s-factor - STYLE. Every Unreal Fur product is absolutely beautiful and looks totally real - without any of the cruelty and suffering.

Unreal Fur are all about the luxurious fur look without the killing and torturing that goes into the making of any real fur coat. On their website's About page, Unreal Fur reference the lack of stylish faux fur products on the market - and they are right. It makes me happy and relieved to see that there are animal-friendly companies that pay attention to style. That's why their coats aren't only animal-friendly, they're also fashion editor material!

Smart, ethical and stylish, this is a brand that offers fashions to keep you warm and looking beyond fantastic - all with a clear conscience. Sound too good to be true? Unreal Fur do have one major drawback - they only ship to Australia and New Zealand (guys, I've never been to your side of the globe, so I'm no expert, but is it ever cold enough for fur in Australia?). Stuck in Europe like me and want to get your hands on one of their luxe creations? Fret not, my compassionista friend: My-Wardrobe to the rescue. Shop Unreal Fur here.

I discovered Unreal Fur when I saw them featured in Cosmo UK's September editorial by Fashion & Style Director Shelly Vella, an anti-fur fashionista (hey real fur-pushers, just a heads-up: even the magazines are leaving you behind). Here's all the awesomeness:

All pictures are taken from Unreal Fur's press page.

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