Things I wish I could wear this winter


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I love looking at clothes I can't afford. When I was in college, the decadent pleasure of flipping through fashion magazines and the drooling over shoes, bags and jackets that cost more than twice my monthly rent was anchored in a dreamy illusion: that one day (presumably at the grand old age of thirty), I would actually be able to pull a black American Express out of my Stella McCartney wallet and feel the satiny handles of the glossy shopping bag in my hands, knowing that the precious (cue Gollum voice) was finally mine.

I marvel at how foolish we can be. And how life never fails to set us straight.

Five years after college, I still shop at H&M and Primark (yes, Primark, so shoot me. It's all I can afford at the moment) and worry about my rent. Lots of things have changed in my life, except for one constant: my wallet is still Accessorize and the debit card inside it is still very, very meager. But a girl can still dream...and get inspired.

For this winter, I've actually made significant progress: I am the proud owner of an on-trend tartan shirt (thanks H&M), a new pair of black skinnies from Sisley and a marvellous red coat I got for Christmas last year, so here's hoping that I'll do all right both weather-wise and on the style front. Still, there are a few things each season that sit in my inspiration file, reminding me that "this is what I want to look like this season". Things to dream about. Things to imagine myself wearing.

Some of this season's "I wish I could!" items:

Faux fur "Fire and Ice" coat, Unreal Fur at My-Wardrobe
"Melia" bag, Freedom of Animals
Ankle boot, Stella McCartney at Net-a-Porter
Bat t-shirt, Zoe Karssen at Net-a-Porter
Cotton sweater, Isabel Marant at Net-a-Porter
Boyfriend jeans, Current/Elliott at Net-a-Porter
"Babylon" ring, Vita Fede
Earrings, Ileana Makri at Net-a-Porter

All products are vegan.


  1. Nice selection, I think that Primark, H&M and the other low cost shops are good enough to be cool ;)

    New post on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion Blog

  2. I love H&M and Primark's clothes, but I hate shopping there when I think about what conditions the clothes where made in...

    1. Exactly what I mean! Every time I go to Primark I feel guilty. I wish that one day soon I'll be able to afford shopping at smaller brands with more ethical values. Because if style is a non-negotiable but you also want to shop ethically, you'll find that only the more expensive brands will do - I've tried charity shops but I've yet to find truly beautiful, stylish items in good conditions. One day!

  3. These Stella McCartney boots are to die for! I love simple mainstream shoes with interesting heels...in my 'I wish I could' list too

  4. I totally know where you are coming from. Struggling college student right now. I agree it is fun to look at high end things :)


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