The ultimate challenge: travelling with only carry-on

I love travelling - I know a lot of people say that, but I actually love the journey, not just the destination. I love waking up at 4 am knowing that I have to catch the cab to the airport coach station. I love airports - Stansted here in London is a huge favourite - and I love the coach ride there as it's an entire hour that I can sit back, relax, listen to music and do absolutely nothing. I actually like flying. But the only thing I don't like about the journey is the luggage.

I can't stand luggage. It's heavy. It's uncomfortable. It's something that certain irritating flight attendants insist you put in the overhead lockers (oh how I loathe the overhead lockers!) instead of under the seat in front of you where you can see it, open it and dig around for your GLAMOUR magazine and some mints if you should feel so inclined. I hate check-in luggage because it's heavy but not heavy enough: after all, go a gram over 15 or 20 kg (depending on the airline) and you'll have to cough up some serious cash. And don't get me started on that gut-wrenching moment of approaching the baggage reclaim, standing there for twenty minutes and seeing everyone's suitcase pass by but yours.

My mother invited me to come see her in Stockholm for the weekend and I'm leaving tomorrow. David's not coming because of work. Besides, this happens to be The Big Wedding Dress Shopping weekend (and we all know the groom can't see the bride in the dress! More on that in an upcoming post). It's the first time I'll be away from David for more than a day since that that soul-destroying week in the summer of 2011 when David went to do some work on his mum's house in Southern Italy and I watched cooking shows until three a.m because I just couldn't sleep without him. The thought of sleeping on my own for four nights makes me so nervous. But the only thing that's scaring me even more is that sentence that my mum mentioned when calling me up with the details for the trip: "you're fine with just a carry-on, right?"

Four days. Four days with just one tiny bag. That can't contain virtually ANY liquids or fluids.

My survival plan: travel in my new black Sisley skinny trousers and last winter's white H&M cable knit. Bring faux-leather H&M skirt and huge, cozy, chunky sweater (hey, this is Sweden we're talking about. It's going to be freezing). Interchange skirt/trousers and sweaters between them for the rest of the trip - and also throw a dress in there, just to be sure. Shoes: I'll travel in a pair of sleek and comfy flat-heeled black boots from Swedish shoe chain Din Sko and throw my favourite studded booties from Zara in the bag.

Makeup-wise, I usually collect those little foundation samples that come with magazines to bring them on trips, but this time I thought I'd bring my foundation in one of those see-through bags, along with my contact lens fluid. The big dilemma is this: you can't bring a razor in the carry-on, so I'll have to go shave-shopping at the airport of Stockholm.

Aside from the obvious space problem, I must say I look forward to this challenge. I've always wanted to be one of those sleek women with just one tiny suitcase. And now I finally will be. Unless I find myself scrambling around for my passport and holding up the security line, that is.


  1. ottimo planning! passo spesso il week-end fuori casa (il mio bf vive a circa un'ora da qui) e ho imparato a portare con me solo l'essenziale. in aereo è un po' più difficile per via dei liquidi ma vedo che te la stai cavando benissimo!!
    in bocca al lupo per la tua ricerca del vestito perfetto *.*

  2. Think you did better than I would have done!

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