Open letter to a certain hiring manager


Or should I say, Dear...

....gotcha! Don't worry, I won't write your or your company's name on my blog. Although you most definitely deserve it.

So Hey it is. Hey.

You remember me. I came in for an interview a couple of weeks ago. I had moved things around and taken a day off from a client - a good client! - to come and see you. I loved your cosy office. I loved your laid-back style. I even appreciated the questions you asked me and I was certain that we had a good thing going on here.

I left your office with a smile on my face. A post-first date smile. You know how long it's been since I had a post-first date smile? Six years, that's how long. Because I live with my fiancé, the love of my life, and I'm trying to create a good life for us. And I thought that you and your "big plans for the future" could be the way to do that. What on earth would have given me that idea, you ask. Why, you did - you're the clipboard-toting, lipstick-wearing equivalent to a guy saying he'll call because he "had a really great time".

I'll tell you something. I love freelancing. I love waking up when the sun's soft rays tickle my eyelids, not when an alarm blares annoyingly in my ear. I love having breakfast in bed while watching Will and Grace. I love working in my pajamas. I love taking long walks in the afternoon sun and then working into the night. It's freedom - what in the world could possibly be better than freedom?

It takes a hell of an opportunity to make me want to give that up.

So when I got your call, I thought, wow. This might be a really huge chance. So I went for it, dove right in, serving up the best of me on a silver platter, hopeful. If you were a man, I'd have bought a new dress for that first date. You should feel quite honoured, recruiter. I don't toss my freedom aside for just anyone.

 Anyway, after a year here in the second most competitive city in the world, apparently I'm still far from fluent in Recruiter English. See, where I come from, "we'll let you know" means We. Will. Actually. Let. You. Know.

Not "we will disappear, ignore your calls and emails and you'll never hear from us again".

Forgive me if I'm harsh, dear hiring manager, but making promises you don't keep doesn't scream "amazing, kick-ass company!" to me. Nor does it tell of team spirit, professionalism or the most simple and basic human value of all - respect. Such a great lack of respect for other people's time and efforts speaks volumes about your company and the way you do business. Frankly, after mentioning "teamwork" and "motivation" as desired qualities in a prospective new hire, having the balls - pardon my French - to actually call a person up and tell them that you've gone with another candidate is the very least you can do. Especially as you were the one to bring it up in the first place, naming the exact date that you would call back on. Dodging a hopeful interviewee's - very polite and considerate - emails tells me that a job with your company may be far from a great opportunity. If you were a man, I'd tell all my girlfriends never to date you.

If that's how you treat an interviewee, I'm not sure I want to know how your employees are treated.

I hope you find someone that will bring dedication and respect into your company. I hope your new employee will teach you something. You certainly have taught me one thing: pinning my hopes on one thing is risky, no matter how awesome that one thing may seem. May your next interviewee be treated with a more professional approach than the one you've given me.

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