Latest Beauty Reviews: The Body Shop, Bottega Verde, Sukin

I've done a bit of shopping lately. Not necessarily things I need - mostly things I want. Little luxuries that over time have become necessities. When shopping for beauty products, I tend to remain faithful to my favourite brands. I figure if something's working, why bother changing it? But sometimes, in the name of research (and shopping!) I like trying new things.

Recent buys have included....

Cream cleanser from Sukin. I bought this at the VegFest as I was running out of my regular Lush cleanser and wanted to try something new. The girl at the stand was really nice and explained all the benefits of the product, which really made me curious about trying it! Sukin is an Australian organic skincare brand I've never heard of before, but it sounded very interesting - a mix of rosehip, avocado and aloe vera that promised to keep the skin clean and refreshed. The first time I tried the cleanser, it felt too oily - I have combination skin and like products that leave my face feeling scrubbed clean. But this gentle cleanser proved to not only purify, but also soften - I love that! On the minus side, I have to say that my skin doesn't quite feel as clean as with other products (but still better than it seemed from the oiliness of the product).
Buy it here.

Body moisturiser from Bottega Verde. When I go to Milan, I almost never do any shopping - why should I, when London offers anything and everything one could want? Except for Italian cruelty-free brand Bottega Verde, which offers low-cost cosmetics for the conscious consumer. I bought this moisturiser because I had none left and it delivered - smooth skin and a nice scent. It's not a life-changing product (unlike The Body Shop's Body Butters!) but it'll do.
Buy it here. (I just found out Bottega Verde has an international site!)

Gel for puffy eyes and under-eye circles from Bottega Verde. This was half price when I was in the store so I picked it up out of curiosity...and because I had noticed puffy eyes in some photos of me. I've always found undereye circles kind of interesting (since Diego Dalla Palma said they were beautiful!) but I'm not a fan of puffiness. This product was no miracle worker, but it did make my eyes feel and look less puffy, as well as fade the circles a bit (fascinating as they may be). I recommend this!
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Japanese cherry blossom shower gel from The Body Shop. This came as a free gift during a recent mega-spree at The Body Shop...and I love it! I'm mad about this scent, I'd buy this shower gel just because of the fragrance. And isn't that really the only thing a shower gel should have?
Buy it here.

All products are cruelty free.


  1. Il gel per gli occhi BV sembra interessante, devo passare da loro!

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  2. great post!


  3. I could spend forever in The Body Shop... I literally manage to convince myself that I am in "need" of everything. I love the scent of the Japanese Cherry Blossom range- also the perfume spray is almost identical to Versace Bright Crystal. Just ten times cheaper. Bonus!

    x Eva



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