The ultimate challenge: travelling with only carry-on

I love travelling - I know a lot of people say that, but I actually love the journey, not just the destination. I love waking up at 4 am knowing that I have to catch the cab to the airport coach station. I love airports - Stansted here in London is a huge favourite - and I love the coach ride there as it's an entire hour that I can sit back, relax, listen to music and do absolutely nothing. I actually like flying. But the only thing I don't like about the journey is the luggage.


Latest Beauty Reviews: The Body Shop, Bottega Verde, Sukin

I've done a bit of shopping lately. Not necessarily things I need - mostly things I want. Little luxuries that over time have become necessities. When shopping for beauty products, I tend to remain faithful to my favourite brands. I figure if something's working, why bother changing it? But sometimes, in the name of research (and shopping!) I like trying new things.


It's not about not being afraid. It's about doing it anyway.

Heading home from Milan and looking over my first drafts of the editorial calendar for Vilda Magazine, I found myself pausing to look back on the origins of the project, my original ideas and appreciate how quickly everything's happening - I first applied for the Marie Claire Inspire & Mentor Scheme in May and Vilda is launching in November. Something that was once only an idea in my head is now becoming a reality. And there it was: fear.


Things I wish I could wear this winter


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I love looking at clothes I can't afford. When I was in college, the decadent pleasure of flipping through fashion magazines and the drooling over shoes, bags and jackets that cost more than twice my monthly rent was anchored in a dreamy illusion: that one day (presumably at the grand old age of thirty), I would actually be able to pull a black American Express out of my Stella McCartney wallet and feel the satiny handles of the glossy shopping bag in my hands, knowing that the precious (cue Gollum voice) was finally mine.

I marvel at how foolish we can be. And how life never fails to set us straight.


A peek into the past

When David and I left Milan, I left a bunch of my old boxes at his parents' house. Every time we come back, I find something I remember that I just love and have to bring home to London. Be it my old Friends DVDs, a monochrome full skirt or a structured dress, I never fail to fall back in love with a part of my old self.


Exhausted but happy

The past week has been beyond insane. I've had lots going on with clients, meetings and Vilda. What finally happened is that I'm going to Milan tomorrow and my suitcase is...well, it's 8.18 p.m and it's still in the closet. So that's what happens when you work too much.

I feel like everything's been a whirlwind since I really got started on Vilda, since my work with other clients has intensified as well. Plus, I've started planning my wedding - if that's not time-consuming, I don't know what is. 

Still, I feel happy and satisfied right now. I might not be exactly where I want to be yet, but I'm getting there.

See you soon guys - I'm off to Milan tomorrow, I'll try to blog from there. Have a great week!

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He carries his guitar on his shoulder with an incredible lightness, as if it weighed less than a feather. On his other shoulder rests a backpack filled with cables, pedals and other tools he needs to work his magic, tools that I will never understand, full of stories that speak a language I don't know.

As he plugs in and sets up, people in the pub chat, drink, laugh. No one takes any notice of him...yet. He's alone up there, but he doesn't seem to mind. Even if the world fell to pieces around him at this very moment, he'd still stand there, tuning in, fine-polishing the sounds, making sure everything is just perfect. I take a sip of my wine, a little bit jealous: his true love is in his arms, and I am down here, blending in, just one of the many girls in lace dresses.


Vilda Magazine update

After a looooong night of sweating, swearing and almost crying (when I lost my Wordpress password and was told that the reset link would be sent to an admin email that didn't exist), I finally managed to accomplish the above: www.vildamagazine.com


Coffee and Heels at VegFest London

I was lucky enough to be invited to VegFest, a huge festival celebrating all things vegan, held this weekend in London's Kensington Olympia. As I had never been to a big vegan event before, I kept an open mind - and an empty stomach!


Open letter to a certain hiring manager


Or should I say, Dear...

....gotcha! Don't worry, I won't write your or your company's name on my blog. Although you most definitely deserve it.

So Hey it is. Hey.

You remember me. I came in for an interview a couple of weeks ago. I had moved things around and taken a day off from a client - a good client! - to come and see you. I loved your cosy office. I loved your laid-back style. I even appreciated the questions you asked me and I was certain that we had a good thing going on here.


Unreal Fur: fake it with style

“You cannot fake chic, but you can be chic and fake fur.” - Karl Lagerfeld

Even if a few maniacs out there (such as myself) still insist on open shoes, there's no denying the fact that summer is behind us. October is here, with crisp leaves and chilly winds, prompting fashionistas everywhere to make room in their wardrobes for stylish winter warmers. And I find myself wanting a fur coat, but definitely NOT of the variety that Anna Wintour would have liked.

Unreal Fur are real style champions - they're taking faux fur to the next level and actually making it cool. How? By realising that what compassionate fashion really needs is the s-factor - STYLE. Every Unreal Fur product is absolutely beautiful and looks totally real - without any of the cruelty and suffering.