Things I love right now

Krysten Ritter's PETA ad - a sexy glamazon rescuing a dog from a hot car? I LOVE.
I adored Krysten in Don't Trust The B in apt. 23 - it's a shame that show got cancelled, it made me laugh until I cried several times! Krysten's character Chloe was one funny lady. I like this ad because she takes charge - she's strong and not afraid to take risks to save animals. Kick-ass!

Saint Lauren's AW13 ad. Stunning. So many people criticized Hedi Slimane's grunge-inspired California-girl collection - I adored it. It's the best collection of the season. Cara Delevingne looks stunning in the ad. I so wish there was a vegan version of these boots!

My future husband Jared Leto and 30 Seconds to Mars' cover of Rihanna's Stay. Kicks the original's butt a million times over....and I quite like the original! This man's voice is the most beautiful thing on Earth. I can't imagine any other art that moves me like his voice does. In my opinion he's the best singer that's alive and working today.

I finally made up my mind about my second tattoo - the alchemy symbol for air (and yes, Jared Leto has two of them!). It holds several meanings to me. It will NOT be on my neck like in the pic but on my wrist. I emailed the tattoo shop where I got my first tattoo today to ask them about prices - I'm heading for Milan on October 15th so I might just come back with a little triad on my wrist!

This cookie-dough recipe from Paint and Tofu! I want to make this next weekend. It looks decadent and luxurious - a true treat! And just like Kori, the Paint and Tofu blogger, I'm a huge cookie dough fan - it's one of my favourite flavours!

This quote. I love it! Dressing for something means being prepared. Let's all be ready for, and expect, the most amazing and wonderful things. Happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I love that song. Thanks for sharing, it will be on repeat all day today!


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