Tales of a week in paradise

I'm back!
I think this is the longest I've been absent from blogging - with all due respect for those really committed, super-dedicated bloggers that update every day, when I go on holiday, I disconnect fully. Plus, the hotel's wi-fi might have been the only thing about this holiday that wasn't completely and utterly perfect.

When booking a low-cost holiday, you expect, well, everything but a week of pure luxury. But I have to say, Costa Brava's hotel rating system is beyond my understanding. If my Spanish were better, I'd start a local petition to add another star to the place where we spent last week, the Windsor Hotel in Tossa De Mar - ONE star does not do this place justice! The rooms were beautiful and super-clean, not to mention the gorgeous pool view. The breakfast? Turns out my worries about a lack of vegan options was completely unfounded: with the abundance of fresh fruit, toast, jam, coffee and juice, every morning was a deluxe feast (frankly, my first morning back, my Fruit & Fibre cereal with almond milk and bananas looked a bit bland).

Tossa De Mar is a tiny seaside town on the Costa Brava that boasts turquoise seas, wonderful beaches and cute restaurants, plus the very photo-inviting views from the beautiful castle. The week flew by in a haze of glittering sea water, yummy veggie paella and Mojitos on the beach. For the first time in years, I did nothing except lay on the beach, swim, sleep and eat (and I tried something new for the first time: snorkeling! Lovely, even if I lost my favourite pair of earrings in the sea, a good excuse to buy a new pair!) And it was totally and completely fantastic.


  1. Nice pics!


  2. Che belle foto Sascha!Non ci sono mai stata,ma sembra un posto da sogno!

  3. Bentornata cara! Queste foto "estive" accendono piccole speranze in questa Roma oggi umida e piovosa: tornerà il bel tempo!
    Sono d'accordo con te: quando si è in vacanza, tutto tace fra social e blog, e mi sembra anche più che giusto!
    Un abbraccio cara!

  4. Beautiful pics! Looks like you had an amazing time :)

  5. What a beautiful place. You had enjoyed a nice vacation in a great place. I had my vacation in the Costa Brava in the month of June. I really love the beaches and enjoyed a lot.


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