Magazine team update

I'm completely overwhelmed by the response I have gotten to my magazine project - THANK YOU.

I never thought this would happen - instead of the two-three emails I expected, I was showered with applications, some of them really top notch! I'm infinitely grateful for this.

Trouble is, ALL the applications were for writers! Some of you are really fabulous and I'm delighted to have you on my team!

I also need:

Online stylists: strong trend knowledge, knowledge of cruelty-free and vegan brands preferred but not essential. Fashion background is a must!

Tech support: anyone who knows about Wordpress, Photoshop, programming, CSS and HTML: I NEED YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA. You're gold to me.

Anyone who's ever used Squarespace: email me. Please.

I mentioned you don't have to be vegan, but if you are, it's obviously a plus!

Guys, I'm sorry about this being unpaid for now. If it's any consolation, I'm not making a penny from it and will probably not do so in a long time. I'm only putting money into the project at the moment, with no secure prospects of return on investment and/or profit. I promise that I'll shower you with any free gifts I can! And if you're ever in London, I'd be happy to take you to a vegan cupcake place - my treat.

Oh and one more thing - I feel really bad saying this, but if you're contacting me about contributing as a writer and you don't have a very good level of written English, I'm going to have to say no. I don't mean to sound horrible, but if I want this project to be taken seriously (i.e not referred to as "a vegan blog") and really be a hit, I need a high-quality team and English is the only language this magazine will use. If you want to do product selections and/or tech help and your English is limited, that works fine! But if you're applying to be a writer, your English has to be flawless. Please send me links and/or attached samples of your writing!

On the other hand, if you're a Wordpress/Squarespace/Photoshop/HTML whiz, I'd still be happy to have you on board even you speak only a very rare Chinese dialect.

Thanks and let's make this a hit project!

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  1. Che bel progetto, Sascha!
    Mi piacerebbe molto poter contribuire in qualche modo, ma purtroppo fino a novembre sarĂ² sotto evento.
    In bocca al lupo! :)


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