Workout update: backbends and buttkicks

I wouldn't want anyone to think I wrote this post and then quit exercising - so here's a quick update! 

First of all, a confession: I never went running. It just BORES me to tears. I guess there is no "one size fits all" formula to exercising and for me personally, running just doesn't do it. The fact that it's impossible to do in bad weather doesn't exactly make it more enticing.

So, for cardio, I have downloaded the GAIN Fitness Method Yoga interval cardio app - awesome. I really need my cardio - the first minute of the app left me almost breathless. Seriously, after sixty seconds of "running butt kicks", I was praying for death. Cardio has never been my thing, but this app might be just what I need to finally apply myself (I have a feeling that's what wasn't working before). 

I have also kept up my Tone It Up exercises, although I find they mostly concentrate on arms and practically every exercise is done with weights. Which is great, but you'll need other workouts as well - if you don't want Aniston arms coupled with a muffin top and thunder thighs (kind of where I am in my workout right now). That said, the other day I did Tone It Up's Summer Sizzle programme and my lower back muscles STILL HURT. I had no idea I even had lower back muscles! I just love that sore feeling. I'm addicted to it. It makes me feel like I've really worked hard!

Yoga-wise, things couldn't be better. I'm so in love with this discipline: not only does it calm my mind, but it's also the only exercise I've ever done where I have actually noticed progress. And I don't mean toned legs and firm abs progress (well, that too!) but actually learning new things and getting better, which pushes and inspires me to continue on the yoga path.

In six months of committed (five times a week) yoga practice, I've:

-gotten amazing at stretching: forward bends, downward dog with feet down on the floor and almost a full hand-to-big-toe with straight leg!

-become a backbending genius. Even if it does still hurt.

-learned to do the full wheel (above) which I am still amazed at. Never thought I could do it.

-almost managed a crow pose!

-learned to do an unsupported shoulderstand.

-learned Half Moon, which is devilishly difficult!

-heard my instructor say I'm "almost there" on my headstand!

Plus, my posture is better and my abs and arms feel stronger. I don't think my love affair with yoga will ever end - it really is the ultimate workout and far from "just a relaxing stretch" - it's a way of life, rather than just exercise. There's yoga in so many of the everyday things I do now: my posture, the way I sit and stand. Not all the time, granted, I'm still quite far from Ballerina Back (you know, those perfectly straight, super-graceful posture princesses. Every yoga studio has one!) but I can feel myself getting better, which is more than what the gym or running has ever gotten me.

Apps I recommend for yoga: PocketYoga and YogaStudio.

I do my studio training at Embody Wellness.


  1. Could not live without one's assana practice!

  2. Love yoga :) I've been doing it for a while now and I'm still so bloody un flexible, it's really annoying! Although I can see myself improving in other ways so that's good. I managed to do crow pose for like 2 seconds, was so exciting haha! xx

    1. yeah it's so cool how excited you get when you FINALLY manage to do a pose! I'm still so proud every time I do full wheel.

  3. Wow you can really bend well at least more than me. Well yoga has many more benefits than just flexibility it increase concentration power, it makes your heart stronger, help asthma patients and many more. So I believe you are living a healthy life. I must take some inspiration from you.


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