Pre-holiday musings

I'm sitting in the office sipping an espresso (no, I'm not blogging on the job, it's my lunch break!) contemplating the fact that starting from tomorrow for a week, the last thing on my mind will be deadlines, copy, edits, research and my business plan (well, my business plan will probably stay on my mind...if only there was a way to lock all work files to keep yourself from accessing them during your holiday!). Starting tomorrow for a week, the only issues I'll be pondering will be:

1. How to get tan
2. How not to get burned
3. How to be vegan in a tiny Spanish seaside town

A quick breakdown of the conundrum I face every time I go on holiday:

1. I never get tan. Never. No matter how long I stay out in the sun (I have tried six months). Why? See below.

2. I am fair-skinned. Very fair-skinned (don't be tricked by my very Afterlight-aided Instagram shots). The people I usually go on holiday with is either one of my two best friends (one Italian and one half-Italian) or, as in this case, my fiancé, who has Southern-Italian origins. They are, needless to say, all darker than me and turn a lovely cappuccino shade within five minutes of laying down the towel on the sand, whereas I have to hide my lobster-red shoulders and knees in the shade to avoid second-degree burns. A bottle of SPF50 is my trusted beachside companion.

By the way, does anyone know a cruelty-free sunscreen that I can buy in the UK? I'll admit it: I caved and bought a non-CF one, because I couldn't find anything else. I know it's out there and I'll keep looking - before moving to the UK, I used Italian label Bottega Verde's lovely sun range. They're cruelty-free and really cheap.

3. Now, this one is a true challenge. Our holiday is to be spent in Tossa De Mar, a tiny seaside coast town on the Costa Brava. I doubt they even know what vegan means over there, let alone serve something that caters for it. I bet even all vegetarian menus are laden with eggs and cheese. I've seen our hotel's breakfast menu and so far, so fresh-fruit delicious. And David keeps praising the grilled veggie plates he's had there when he went with his friends. So not all hope is lost.

I'd love to say I'm all set for my holiday and will finally, since I am now 30, transform into the Chic Holidayer, she of the sleek ponytail and designer sunglasses, she of the tiny wheelie case that fits perfectly into Ryanairs horrible carry-on measuring basket...oh no, wait, the Chic Holidayer doesn't have to use these because she doesn't fly Ryanair. I do, and I'll be lugging my huge and heavy H&M travel bag around in Costa Brava heat, with my hair tumbling out of my messy-chic chignon (in my case just messy) and my new skirt getting stuck everywhere. That's right, yesterday I ran to Primark and panic-bought a gorgeous pleated maxi skirt "because I have nothing to wear on the plane". Great idea if your plan is to re-enact the final Bodyguard scene where Whitney runs to Kevin's arms while I Will Always Love You plays (maybe not even then because if Whit was wearing this particular skirt, there's no doubt in my mind she'd trip and fall flat on her face), bad idea if your plan is to go to an actual airport and get on an actual plane. This skirt is beyond beautiful, but it gets caught in absolutely everything. I'm wearing it today and I've already risked my life about five times. I keep stumbling on it, getting it caught under my chair and stairs are basically a death trap. And no, it's not too long. At least it's not meant to be. It's a UK size 6 (I'm a size 10, so the fact that it fits like a glove is amazing). So, for sipping a glass of wine on the beach at sunset, it's probably fantastic. For dragging luggage around on an airport, not so much.

On the plus side: I have my magazines, I have my book (Revenge Wears Prada), I've printed my tickets and David and I have an agreement that he will be doing all the talking in Spanish. Since I am the one that usually talks to everyone back here, it's only fair.

And there is something wickedly fantastic about the fact that, while everyone's holidays are over and there's talk of "back to work/school", my holiday still lies ahead of me.

As always when travelling, I'll try to update as much as I can, but since I'm relying on unknown wi-fi powers, I can't promise anything. See you on the other side - the rested, energized, tanned one.

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  1. The skirt paragraph made me laugh! I hope you have a fantastic holiday and please do let us know how you find food over there. I stop myself from going anywhere like Spain because of food and I'm only Veggie!

    UK based Lifestyle & Parenting Blog

  2. Have a lovely holiday!!! I was worried about finding vegan dishes when I went for holidays to a tiny Greek island last week (there isn't even a world for vegan) but I decided to say that I'm fasting, it's essential the same thing diet wise and everyone got it and tried their best to prepare something delicious for me, I don't know if this will work in Spain though!

  3. maybe you could get in touch with this lady, she's german (and so is her blog on eating a vegan raw diet) but lives in spain:


    when I lived in spain (in valencia) 2007/08, I was surprised how much more open people were to health and nutrition ideas. and in my experience, spanish people are very kind and flexible, so don't worry, they will try everything to make you happy, that's at least what was very important for everyone I met.

    have a lovely holiday and enjoy beautiful spain!

    saludos ;)

    esther from berlin

  4. I can see it now "Ladies and gentlemen your flight is delayed due to the fact there appears to be a skirt stuck in the aircraft door, please remain in your seats for the next three hours whilst we deal with the situation" ;) Have you tried Green People for your SPF100?! I know they are organic but I'm not sure (without looking at their products) if they are vegan approved. Anyway pale is the new tan have you not heard! Enjoy your trip :)

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