Morgan Bogle: stylish, fabulous...and vegan!

I love seeing vegan fashion showcased on mainstream fashion websites like Fashionista, who featured Morgan Bogle, founder of amazing vegan handbag brand Freedom of Animals. Morgan is a former stylist who was raised vegan and designs a range of eco-friendly vegan handbags - read my post on them here!

I love Morgan's style because she's laid back, casual-cool and stylish in that NYC way that whispers "luxe" while staying toned down and chic. And...it's all animal-free. See? Vegan fashion doesn't have to mean "earthy and hippie-ish"...although we don't mind that either! What really made Morgan's picture stand out? Her beautiful pitbull, Sugar! She's passionate about rescuing pitbulls, which of course makes me adore her even more.

Googling for more Morgan pics on the web, I found the beautiful blog The Fancy Hipster - the blogger had met and interviewed Morgan (check out the post - the pictures are beautiful! - and I agree with the Hipster that Freedom of Animals' bags are similar to CĂ©line. I also think both Morgan and Sugar look fab in the photos!

Photos from Fashionista and The Fancy Hipster


  1. Amazing!!!! Love this friendly fashion!! :))

  2. I found out about 'Freedom of Animals' through your blog and I'm saving up now for a super stylish minimalist bag from them!


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