Little updates on my magazine project

So...a little update on how my Big Business Idea is coming along. You know, the one I told you about in this partly excited, partly terrified post.

Yesterday I had my first official meeting with my mentor Poppy Dinsey (you probably know her from What I Wore Today and her own blog, PoppyD) at the beyond-cute Orchard in Holborn - it's a nice vegetarian café that I definitely will be coming back to!

First of all, I have to say I feel so happy and grateful to have been given this opportunity to be mentored. It's an amazing initiative and truly inspiring. I was lucky to be paired with Poppy because she's just the best. Every time I talk to her, I'm amazed by how smart and savvy young people in the UK are. She's 25 years old - that's five years younger than me, the one she's mentoring - and she's got her own mega-successful social network and gets paid to write about festivals and Fashion Week. Now that's what I call " a job that a million girls would kill for". On that note, if you're thinking of moving here from another country, be warned: it's not rare for people here to be huge successes at an extremely young age. The first twenty-three year old manager I met, I thought it was a fluke. Now that I've met, talked to, or read about up to ten of them, I know that's simply the way things are done here. And I'm constantly impressed by how professional everyone is.

Poppy is a great mentor to me because she knows the little details of starting your own web business - she's been there and made a great success out of it. There are things I hadn't even considered before talking to her - like legal (yes, very smart, I know). And other aspects that just seemed easier from talking to her. You know how your friends and family can sometimes be supportive and sometimes totally clueless? Like say yes to every thing you think of and think it's all brilliant, or on the contrary, be quite doubtful about your fantastic business venture (ie: "are you sure...? That sounds pricey"). Well, talking to a professional who has actually done what you are trying to do is priceless. And therefore, thank you once again, Marie Claire, and thank you Poppy!

Good News:

1. I've found a name!! Guys you HAVE NO IDEA how hard this was. If you ever think of starting your own business, website, restaurant, clothing shop, dog grooming salon or whatever - the name-choosing will probably be one of your biggest initial hurdles. If you follow me on Facebook and Twitter I'm sure you've seen me moaning and bitching about it. And now...it's done! Social media profiles registered and all.

2. This may not be as expensive and I initially thought. Buying a WordPress theme and registering a premium domain is about £160, altogether. Kind of an okay price for starting your own magazine, no?


Not So Good News:

1. I'll have to balance this with a "day job" for a long time. It takes a long while before an online magazine starts making money. Fortunately, my day job is quite a fun one.

2. The .com domain of my fantastic name idea costs $20,000. Yeah, thanks but no thanks. I'll probably just stick a -magazine.com at the end and go with it.

3. I have to think about legal. And accounting. And registering. And all the other BORING parts of running a business.

There will be more updates soon - but I'm still in the planning stage. And writing a business plan is actually kind of fun, who knew? I guess when it's your own project, everything's more or less exciting. Stay tuned!


  1. Can't wait for your project to see the daylight!!

  2. Good luck and if you could use any online help, just say the word.

  3. Tanti tantissimi complimenti! Resto in attesa di altre news, che bello!

  4. I'm so excited for you! Keep us updated. I can't wait to see the final website and I love behind the scenes posts :) The best of luck xx

  5. Che cosa eccitante!Non vedo l'ora di poter vedere il tuo progetto completato! :)

  6. This is great news! Poppy sounds like a fantastic mentor x


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