Cruelty-Free Beauty Review: B Pure Micellar Water

If you're obsessed with fashion and beauty magazines like me, you've already heard of micellar water. Made for cleansing, it comes from "micelles", oil particles suspended in water, that cling to the impurities of the skin and eliminate them.

I saw the review of B. Pure's cruelty-free and vegan micellar water cleanser on Karris' blog last week and, being that it's £3,32 at Superdrug, I figured I'd give it a shot!

I'm glad Superdrug came out with a cruelty-free and vegan version - I'm always gutted every time a new beauty-hype product comes out as I can never use it. I can't stand most magazines' beauty pages - nothing is ever cruelty-free. So thanks Superdrug - my face and wallet says thanks!

This cleanser is ultra-light and non-oily - and even though I was skeptical to the non-use of water (I still splash my face with water first - it feels strange to claim I "washed" my face if I haven't actually used any water from the tap), just passing the liquid on some cotton and rub on your face didn't seem particularly cleansing to me - it seemed more like a toner (and I already have one of those). Still, this product is very cleansing - it left my face feeling fresh and pure. I wouldn't use it on m eyes, though - I got some near my eye by accident and it burned a bit. I use separate cleansing wipes for my eyes, even though this product claims it's "delicate enough for the eye area".

Eye burning aside, this is a great value product for just £3,32 - it cleanses without being too drying. I would definitely recommend it!

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