An evening of vegan deliciousness: SAF in Kensington

My discovery of amazing places to eat vegan food in London is still just beginning, even if I've been here for ten months now. Yesterday, thanks to the wonder that is Groupon, David and I visited the lovely SAF (stands for Simple Authentic Food, but also is Turkish for "pure) on High Street Kensington. By the way - if there's anyone out there that has a flat on High Street Kensington that you just feel like donating to me, feel free to email. We fell in love with the area and sadly contemplated the fact that there may be a good ten to fifteen years before we can afford to live in a place like that.

Back to SAF, which is located just a few stair-steps above Paradise, also known as Whole Foods Market. We vowed to come back one weekend and just walk around the market - I could so lose myself in there. SAF has the appearance of a casual yet chic place, with an all-pure, all-vegan, sometimes-raw and somewhat gluten-free menu. Just when we arrived, I found I'd left my camera memory card in my computer, so I'm sorry guys, but you'll have to do with iPhone pictures on this one!

SAF is an inviting, easy-going place with delicious wine (always a plus in my book!). The dishes are light, full of flavour and made with that extra touch of creativity that will help put vegan food on the map. We got a taste of everything on the set Groupon menu, which included:

Starters! David had: cashew cheese with mango salsa and flax seed crackers

I had: slow-roasted aubergine with ginger-tamari broth, red chili, spring onions and coriander

Mains! David had: potato, eggplant and tofu with curry and coriander broth and brown rice

I had: pineapple, red and green pepper and aubergine topped with wasabi aioli and sesame-ginger cabbage

...then, we had a look at the dessert menu! Desserts weren't included in the Groupon but we decided to add them, as I so rarely get to enjoy dessert that we haven't made ourselves. Plus, I love vegan dessert!

David had: cherry chocolate roulade with cherry ice cream and vanilla custard

I had: vegan tiramisรบ - my personal favourite of the evening!

Altogether, SAF was a really nice experience. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was relaxed and chilled and the evening proved, once again, that vegan food can be both sophisticated and delicious. If  you happen to be in the Kensington area, I would absolutely recommend it!


  1. omg that roulade looks amazing!! x

    1. it was, although you'd think it'd be really sweet and it wasn't at all. But it was absolutely delicious with the ice cream and custard!

  2. That Italian-inspired yummy dessert would be my favorite too,lol:-)! x

  3. http://www.lovinghut.co.uk/ Loving vegan food too!

  4. I've been to SAF recently and I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed. My non-vegan friends loved the food but I found it too 'healthy' for my taste, they don't have too many cooked choices. I had the curry which was nice but I didn't like the brown rice, I prefer the good ol' plain white rice. I was very excited to go to a restaurant and actually have dessert choices but didn't like the chocolate roulade but I loved the ice-cream. In fact they make the ice-cream there and you can taste real fruit in it. You're right though about the atmosphere and the area, so so nice!


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