Exactly two years ago today, July 21 2011, Coffee and Heels was born.

I remember how excited I was about this new little project of mine, thinking of all the different things I'd post, what I would write about and above all, how much fun I'd have with it. From the start, this was thought to be a cruelty-free fashion blog: I had decided that I'd never get too personal here.

Fast forward two years and I realize that this blog has ultimately become my diary. A place where I share the good, bad and ugly of my life as it happens. And it's both comforting and a lot of fun to take you along with me as I plan my endless escapes across the world, dive headfirst into things that scare me, cry into a cupcake tin about shattered dreams , discover new things I love and learn things I always thought I was hopeless at.

In two years, this blog hasn't become the worldwide success many bloggers (foolishly) wish for when they start. It hasn't turned the whole world on to vegan fashion. I'm not swanning around the world fanning myself with Fashion Week invitations. When the mailman comes around my (shared, small and not too nice-looking) flat, he's carrying bills and bank statements, not freebies from luxe eco-fashion companies. Although I've had some pretty incredible gifts, I'm still just a writer who loves to write and who will always write, no matter if five or five million people are reading.

Still, Coffee and Heels has, in some ways, changed my life. It's brought new people into my everyday experiences, helped me through tough times, spurred me on when I was facing challenges and needed that extra push and brought out my most creative side. Since I moved to London, it's been very rare for me to have a job interview where the interviewer didn't mention they loved the blog. It's played a key part in helping me realize what it is that I ultimately want to do and I can't thank you enough for that.

Blogging isn't as easy as many people think it is. It can be hard work, it can be discouraging and sometimes scary (I've received comments and emails calling me ugly and vulgar, stupid, badly dressed and a hypocrite). And I'm absolutely certain I never want this blog to become a "business". I don't want it to be my job. I don't want to be a famous blogger (now, famous writer or famous magazine editor I wouldn't say no to!). All I want for Coffee and Heels is to remain my safe haven, a place where I can speak my mind, create something that represents a specific moment in my life and share it with those who choose to come here and read whatever it is that I want to rant or rave about this time - once again, thank you. And I won't be stopping blogging any time soon. I'll probably still be here in ten years, a forty-year-old hippie blogging about having my own business and what to do when my kids go crazy and my husband's away on tour.

I hope you'll soon get to read about me and David moving into our own flat, about my new business moving ahead and about our wedding next summer. I hope you'll be here when my upcoming new website goes live, you'll celebrate with me when lovely things happen and you won't get too sick of me complaining when the shit hits the fan. I hope to put more joyful and happy posts on this blog (my yoga teacher said yesterday that I was "really close" to finally mastering a headstand - now that calls for celebration) but undoubtedly there will be some dark clouds as well. And it's okay. It's all okay. Thank you for being here with me for two years and I hope you'll stick around for what's to come.

Picture by me, taken with Canon EOS 600D


  1. Congrats! What's the secret on having so much success in a short amount of time?

    1. Thanks! I really wouldn't call it "success". My blog has about 300-400 daily hits (successful blogs get up to 50.000 hits a day), I don't earn a penny from it - it's a pure labour of love and always will be! And I guess that's the "secret".

  2. Coffee and heels has definitely become one of my daily readings!!! I love to found out that you posted something new :-) Your articles are always well written, funny and bring an interesting insight no matter the subject. I admire the way you live your life and stay true to yourself. I wish a long and happy life to your blog, i will sure be here to read about your next adventures!

  3. Your blog has definitely become one of my daily readings, your articles are always well written, funny and always bring something interesting no matter the topic. I admire the way you live your life and stay true to yourself. I wish a long and happy life to Coffee and heels and will sure be here to read about your next adventures!

  4. Tanti tanti auguri!! Sono contenta di averti trovata navigando nel web, ogni volta è un piacere leggerti :)
    Un abbraccio

  5. Happy blog birthday! I am so glad you have decided to stick with it as I know a while back you were considering quitting the blog and that would have been a such a loss for us readers! Can't wait to read all about your move and the wedding x


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