Idea for tattoo number two: yay or nay?

I'm planning my second tattoo!

EDIT AND DISCLAIMER: my tattoo will be on my wrist - not on my neck like this photo. And it wouldn't be completely round - it'd be more like two things, the black and the white, rather than a circle.

There are few things that I've recently done that beat the high of getting my first tattoo. I was insanely scared but knew I wanted to do it. And afterward it just felt amazing. I loved it so much and I was so proud of myself for going through with it.

It's true what they say: tattoos are addictive. I've been planning number two since, well, pretty much since I peeled the plastic off number one! But they're also a commitment for life, so it's always advised to think before you ink - we don't want to end up like this girl, now do we?

Yin and yang is such a powerful symbol for me. Since I started yoga and meditation, focusing on a sense of balance has been key to me. Remembering that life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. That for every dark patch, a lighter one will follow. Striving to live in harmony with the universe.

...and plus, I just love the look of it. It's small, it's chic, it's not something I'll ever get sick of.

Love this pic - I adore chipped nail polish!

Except now, David had to go and ruin it all for me.

-But it's ROUND!

He is very observant: the yin and yang is, indeed, round. That's another thing I love about it: it's neat and round and would go great on my wrist.

-It'll end up lopsided and look like crap. Don't do it. At least not on your wrist. 



-But if...

-No. It. Will. Look. Bad. And you will regret it.

He won't have it: there is no way, according to him, that a yin and yang tattoo will ever look good. Not even if the London Ink guys do it. Solution: I'm thinking of letting him design it, just as he did with my first tattoo. That way, he can't ever tell me it's bad: it would be like spitting on his own art. 

What do you guys think? Am I right or is David right? Is yin and yang a good idea or will it end up looking crooked and terrible?

(I'm probably going to go ahead and do it regardless, but I'm still curious to know what you think!)

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  1. Devo essere sincera,e spero che tu non ti offenda,ma a me non piace proprio per nulla e sono d'accordo con David,non sarebbe bello su nessuno.Lo trovo anche piuttosto banale.Devi pensare anche,secondo me,che la zona mani,polso è una delle prime zone ad invecchiare ed a subire cedimenti,quindi alla fine ti ritroveresti con un tatuaggio che una volta era tondo!

    1. Punto importante: il mio NON SAREBE TONDO, ora lo aggiungo nel post! Sarebbe poú stilizzato, non un cerchio. Per quanto riguarda i cedimenti penso che ci sono zone ben peggiori, tipo pancia, fianchi ecc. Però David dice le stesse cose che hai detto tu!

  2. I don't really like tattoos, but I like a lot about this.. I like that it's small and that it honestly looks good on both the back of the neck AND the wrist, (I honestly can't decide what looks better). And I like what it means to you and I totally get it. I actually think it would just make it a whole lot more special if David did design it for you. Might be worth considering. xo

  3. Okay. I love tattoos and I love that you're all addicted (I absolutely know that feeling) and planning Number Two (I'm on pins and needles until I can start chatting with my artist about four and five)! I also love the yin yang idea. I think that if you love the symbol and you're this keen on it, you should get it. Even if there are imperfections. Because that's life. Not perfect. Ever. At all. It's a reminder of that balance we strive to strike, too.

    There are ways around The Round of it, too. I dig the simplicity of the yin yang itself, but you could always go fishy with it: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Yin-and-Yang-Koi-Fish-328988285 or (and I LOVE this one) http://www.fengshui-doctrine.com/wallpapers/wealth/financial-success2.jpg Or feathery, apparently: http://emmamaree.com/got-my-first-tattoo/ying_yang_feather_by_lilythula-d4qd113/ Or let your spirit animal guide you (there're tigers, dragons and (my personal favourite) foxes...oh my!).

    (I really dig on the first yin yang pic you posted and love the placement of the second - I have a tattoo on my left wrist and I absolutely cannot regret it. The piece itself ("To thine own self be true") means a lot to me and the constant reminder of the ever-visible ink is wonderful.)

    Best of luck with the decision, Sascha! Have fun and definitely post pictures of Tattoo Number Two! :)

  4. uh guarda, anche io sogno il secondo tattoo da quando ho fatto il primo (a Stoccolma!). Allora, onestamente non capisco bene la preoccupazione per la rotondità, sia polso che collo sono zone meno soggette a cedimenti, per cui non vedo intoppi, cmq meglio ancora se te lo disegna lui così poi non può aver niente da ridire. Secondo me la chiave per la buona riuscita è sempre e solo quella di trovare un ottimo tatuatore. Riguardo al simbolo in sè non commento, perchè quello che conta è il significato che ha per te, per cui se ne sei convinta go for it!

  5. I love the idea posted above of using the yin-yang as the central part of the tattoo but embellishing it. Perhaps David could design your new piece using the yin-yang as inspiration? that way it is a collaboration, and even more special.

    I have a small tattoo (about the size of the one pictured above) of the roman numeral 4 on my wrist (same placement). Its a great location for so many reasons (plus I think its very elegant and sexy) - do make sure that your artist is meticulous about how it is placed. Women's wrists are usually quite tiny, so being a fraction of an inch "off" can really show. My artist was adamant about proper placement, and I am so very happy that she was. She was so particular that it took her almost as long as the art!

    Best of luck to you!


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