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I love Beyond Skin - they're cool, they're quirky, the're from one of my favourite places in the world (Brighton) and they make the loveliest vegan shoes. If you haven't already, check them out here!

Now, Beyond Skin needs our help to create a diffusion line of comfy and affordable vegan footwear to be sold online along with their already-existing luxe vegan shoe collection.

Personally I must say that often my issue with quality vegan footwear is the cost - as much as I may dream of adorning my feet with creations from fantastic designers such as OlsenHaus and Stella McCartney, the cost keeps me from actually taking the plunge. A line of cute yet affordable shoes aimed at vegans would be a dream come true for many of our feet and wallets.

I love Beyond Skin because they knock that "vegan shoes are ugly" old stereotype right on its head with eco-friendly, cruelty-free footwear that also inspires major cravings - these shoes are gorgeous!

...and guess what! They will soon feature handbags too:

To help fund Beyond Skin's diffusion line (and get awesome freebies) go to their Kickstarter campaign!

Pictures from Beyond Skin Kickstarter 

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  1. Love this brand! Thanks for writing about them. I've contributed to the kickstarter and I'm crossing my fingers that they met their goal.


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