Six years of me and you

Photo: Six years of love. Six years of madness. Six years of discovering new places. six years of laughter, music and plain being silly. Six years with you are never enough <3

Anniversaries. I'm a huge fan of them. While my coupled-up status has taught me to appreciate Valentine's Day, I'd still rather celebrate a day that's just for us  (along with any other July 10th couples out there!). Every year, me and David go out to dinner to celebrate the day that we first met. Nothing over the top, just dinner, something simple, because our first date was, in every way, very simple.

As I might or might not already have told you, we met while working at a resort in Tuscany. I was a receptionist and he was the entertainment manager and we lived next door to each other in staff housing. On July 10th, 2007, we already knew each other a little - we'd even made it to a group outing together, but the official one-on-one First Date was yet to happen. So, that evening when I heard him talking to his colleagues outside, I rushed out to "buy a bottle of water" (never mind that I already had five of them in my fridge) hoping he'd see me and say something. My roommate (who is now my best friend!) was away for the night - her then-boyfriend was visiting. Just as I hoped, David saw me and leapt to his feet with a just slightly stalkerish "are you alone? where are you going? what are you doing?" He later explained that this was a desperate attempt to not let me get away - apparently he had intended to ask me out before, but I never stuck around long enough! This time, I was here, on my own, and I said yes (duh - I'd only left the house in the hopes to get asked out).

We went to our usual hangout place and lots of other staff were there. David chatted with everyone and was friendly - still, what attracted and kept my attention was feeling like he was there with me and no one else. He listened when I talked. He was curious and asked me questions. He gave me his sweater when I felt cold. He was miles away from other guys I've dated. And yes, since you really want to know, the date did end with a kiss at the front door!

Since that evening, not a day has passed without me hearing his voice. We've endured long-distance, financial crises, family emergencies, unemployment, sickness and moving house about two million and eighty times. We have lived in three countries together. We've had pets together, taken holidays together and fought, cried and screamed at one another. And now we're engaged, living in our favourite city. We still scream at each other. But we also laugh wildly together. And as long as we have these tummyache-laughter moments together, I'm pretty certain we'll last at least another six years.


  1. What a sweet and special story. Well done for the first six years and here's to the next!

  2. siete bellissimi!!! Auguroni a voi!

  3. Happy anniversary you two! x

  4. Congrats on your anniversary! You're a beautiful couple. Such a sweet story.


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