Saturday in Covent Garden

If you've got a somewhat cloudy London Saturday with nothing to do on your hands, my tip is to take a walk. Relish the the luxury of walking (yes, I consider walking a luxury!) to Leicester Square, through Chinatown and all the way to Covent Garden. Walk around the market, look at people, stop and be amused by one (or a few) of the street artists. Enjoy your Saturday, every delightful minute of it.

Head over to Neal's Yard, one of the most beautiful little corners of London - it looks just as gorgeous in cloudy weather as it is in sunshine. Marvel at how it looks Photoshopped. Have a delicious juice at the yummy-looking juice shop or a fabulous vegan meal at the salad bar. Then take some pictures.

I can't understand it when people (usually people from the countryside) refer to London as "grey". London is full of colour. It breathes colour and life. It bursts with new impressions, pretty much every time I leave the house. Ten months here, and I still feel like a pasty tourist, with a Canon around my neck, taking it all in, amazed like a five-year-old. After a week of deadlines, targets, copy edits and that never-ending staring into a computer screen, it's incredible what a simple walk can do to bring you back into feeling, seeing and truly appreciating the world around you.

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  1. I second that about Neal's Yard, alot of people who go to Covent Garden miss it, but it is a real treat for the eyes x


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