New in: vegan studded sandals

I went shoe shopping again! Actually, I do have an excuse this time: all of my summer shoes are left in Milan, so I believe this would fall into the category "times when I actually need new shoes". Literally.

This H&M pair is very comfortable, very stylish (if I may say so myself), obviously vegan and - the best part - only £24.99! I can tell there's lots of tapping along to live music on pub floors, walking home a bit tipsy on Saturday nights and leaving subtle tan marks on my feet in their future!

Get your own pair at H&M  here.


  1. These look great on you! They're really really nice.
    Love your new blog design by the way! Did you create it yourself? x

    1. Thank you for noticing!! Yes I did create it myself - from an existing Blogger template called Awesome Inc, but I personalized it myself, having to do some coding and everything!


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