Home office: why working from home is harder than it looks

I recently went back to working part-time with one of my favourite clients that I really enjoy working with. Even if what I do with them is quite far from journalism (it's fashion copywriting), I still love being in their offices - everyone's really nice, the location is lovely, the work is relatively easy, there's free fruit and team breakfasts - what's not to love? They were okay with me working from home most of the time, but I actually asked to increase my office time. Why? Because a typical "work from home" day is usually like this for me:

07:30. Alarm goes off. Meditate, get up, make breakfast for myself and David.

08:00 Have breakfast in bed while watching TV (yeah, this is what I went freelance for!)

08:30 Put on some decent clothes.

09:10 David has to "use the computer five minutes, just really quickly" before he heads to work. I contemplate blowing next month's rent money on buying him a computer he claims he "doesn't really need". Then plonk on the bed and read Cosmo until he's done.

10:15 Attempt to go online. Obviously today my broadband is as fast as a three-legged turtle.

10:30. Come on, broadband.

10: 45 This is ridiculous.

11:10 Finally manage! Yes. Read emails. Read blogs. Answer to blog comments. Spend twenty minutes crafting a rude-yet-eloquent reply to a PR who claims she "loves my fashion blog" (interesting, as I do not have one).

11:40 My best friend emails me with love problems. Drop everything and give emergency advice.

12:30 David is home and already making lunch. Smells delicious.

13:30 Have some spaghetti and meatballs. Yum.

14:00 Wash the dishes. He cooked, so it's only fair.

14:20 David heads back to work and I trot over to my local Costa Coffee that boasts a functioning wi-fi. Have all intentions to be healthy and order green tea instead of coffee, but once it's my turn, this voice comes out of my mouth and says, "a small ice latte please." My excuse? It's too hot for tea!

14:23 Realise I didn't tell them soy milk. EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME SOY MILK PLEASE SORRY THANKS. The barista, who was just totally flirting with me a second ago, gives me a "die bitch" look. They're so putting dairy milk in my latte.

15:00 Someone posts a YouTube video with puppies and kittens playing in some back yard somewhere. OH MY GOD SO CUTE. Have to share everywhere.

15:30 Go to Pinterest and drool over pictures of Jared Leto, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling and my latest crush, Jesse Eisenberg, and pin pictures of way too expensive shoes I wouldn't wear anyway because they're not vegan.

16:15 A friend sends me this link and five seconds later my stomach hurts really bad from laughing too hard.

17:00 Head home and get ready for yoga.

18:00 Ommmm....ommmm....ommygod my hamstrings hurt.

19:00 Take an environmentally harmful 20-minute shower. Last time, I promise.

20:00 Yum, David made sweet potatoes and bean burgers!

21:00 Dishes and then The Mindy Project, Big Bang Theory or whatever's on.

22:00 Read. No one bother me, I'm reading.

23:00 Meditate. No one bother me, I'm meditating.

23:30 Sleep. If you're Jared, Johnny, Ryan or Jesse, feel free to bother me now. Just let me know so I can put some makeup on first.

...see? Whenever freelancers claim that "working from home is awesome, I get so much done!" I always chime in: "oh yes, definitely", because we have to fly the freelancer flag and stick together, but I know what's really going on: you procrastinate until your deadline, then stay up nights, cry, drink coffee, sweat and cry some more. In an office, it's different: everyone is working (when we're not watching silly YouTube videos) and you're not in the proximity of boyfriends, food, your TV or rooms that need cleaning/dishes that need to be washed. Your family knows you're at work, so they don't Skype you, whereas when you're home it's okay to call because "you're at home anyway!" Moral of the story: working from home is hard. It truly takes some mastering. When I get there, I'll let you in on the secret.


  1. I TOTALLY agree! It's the same for me :-(

  2. This is one of the reasons I went back to work in the office! Working for yourself from home is great, but procrastination is your only work colleague!


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