First beach day of the year: back to Brighton!

On the train to Brighton yesterday, David asked me when I first saw the beach. It took some remembering, but I realized that, quite sadly, the very first time I had ever set my bare feet on seaside sand was when I was all of eleven years old.

As a little kid in Russia, I didn't have many beach holidays. My parents worked hard and had no time to gallivant around the world. My very first beach trip was to Gotland, a Swedish island, when we had lived in Sweden for about four years. But the seaside that has remained superglued to my memories as My First Beach is another: the sandy beach of Southern Italy that I first saw at thirteen, falling in love with what would become my home country for six years, almost decade from then.

I have always been a beach bunny, aside from the fact that my Twilight-inspired skin colour means I tend to fry like a Fourth of July barbecue, even in May sun. Which means that most of the time, you can find me in the shade, soaking up the sunny delight without the cancer-inducing rays. I have spent five summers living on a Tuscan beach - when I finished uni in May or June, I'd head off to work at a resort until school started up again in September. This is where I met David and made memories for life. If I have to think of one time in my life when I was truly happy, those summers were it. Since then, the beach has taken on a special mening for me. David is the same: if there's a beach there, we're happy.

When I moved to London, I was convinced that this city had everything. Every good thing on the planet, London had it - except the beach. I was ready to give up and succumb to a beach-less experience, except for my annual beachy holiday. But then I discovered Brighton, which is literally The. Best. Place. Ever.

This is a city - an actual city, not a tiny Italian village - that has Starbucks, an amusement park and H&M. It's also insanely gorgeous. And right by the sea. In the summer, Brighton is buzzing with people, everything comes to life and there's a general relaxed, chilled-out atmosphere (lots of people bring their dogs to the beach - none of that stuffy "no pets allowed" crap here). The sunset over the pier is mind-blowing (or maybe it just reminds me of Santa Monica pier). The best thing? All of this wonderfulness is just an hour away from London.

I won't lie to you: we're thinking of moving here one day.

Pictures by me


  1. Glad you enjoyed your day in Brighton. I live here and I love everyday of living here, it never grows old.

    Lyndsay xx | Fizzy Peaches ♡

    1. Lucky you! It's such an amazing city! But is it this nice in the winter as well?

  2. Jag har alltid drömt om att åka dit, verkar otroligt härligt där.

    1. Tycker absolut att du ska åka! Det är underbart på sommaren.

  3. Brighton is just as lovely in the winter time I can assure you. I used to live about an hour away in Hastings which isn't quite so lovely at any time of the year! lol


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