10 little things that never fail to make me happy

1. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning. The smell of fresh coffee a rainy afternoon in a coffee house. The smell of fresh coffee, anytime.

2. The first time I flip through a brand new just-bought magazine. Sure, the internet and blogs are great, but nothing will ever replace real magazines.

3. Walking home after a night out in the summer, when the air is warm and there's no need for a jacket and the streets are buzzing with people and sounds and music and life.

4. Hearing the mail arrive, rushing downstairs and discovering that yes, all my online shopping has finally arrived. Then ripping the wrapping off like a kid at Christmas.

5. Waking up at seven, jolting up in bed, thinking "oh crap, I'm late!"...then remembering it's Saturday and blissfully sinking into my pillow again.

6. A fresh, chilled glass of wine at sunset on a Friday night.

7. Curling up in my pajamas with a cup of tea, a stack of magazines and a good book, preferably on a snowy February day, and just read and read and read.

8. Kicking my heels off after a long day or a night out and enjoying the blissful coziness of slippers.

9. Seeing THAT dress on the shop rack, discovering that it's my size, on sale and fits me perfectly.

10. Waking up next to him every morning.

What are your indulgences?


  1. Coffee is one at the top of my list as well and my kids when they are all together and happy! Xx

  2. Love this post. In particular the magazines. I totally agree. (Same with books, but there really is something special about that first flip through a good magazine.)

  3. Okay, I think I actually completely agree with all ten on your list! Except the heels I guess, I'm too tall to wear them (well, not quite, it's just my Husband's too short to be honest) but I do love to get home, take my flats off and replace them with ultra-comfy slippers! X

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  4. Coffee, rain and reading.. All these things can make me happy and relaxed, no matter in what mood I am..

  5. Ti rispondo con un altro post, scritto qualche mese fa:

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  6. A hot cup of tea on a cool autumnal day, curling up in front of a great film on a cold Sunday afternoon, clean crisp bed sheets and discovering a bar of forgotten chocolate in the cupboard are some of my 'happy moments' :)


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