Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened.


"Also, remember, sisters make the best friends in the world." - Marilyn Monroe

On this vacation...

My sister (the one in the middle) became a wife. I wore the world's most hellish shoes to her wedding, cried my eyes out during the ceremony and felt a kind of pride that I've rarely felt before.

I had vegan ice cream. Like ten times.

Stockholm was unashamedly drenched in beautiful sunshine all week.

Me, David and my dad spent an evening of listening to soft, summery jazz music while enjoying a glass of wine and the best vegan tapas ever (ordered especially for me) at Carlhälls Gård.

I got bitten in the foot by my sister's boxer puppy. And loved him even more.

His name is Brutus. He's only fourteen weeks old. And I love him so much.

I had vodka. I had wine. I had champagne. I had...something else that I can't really remember.

30 Seconds to Mars played at Gröna Lund and I screamed louder than all the teenagers there. JARED MARRY ME (no I didn't scream that. But I'll scream it here on the blog, just in case he's reading).

During the concert, huge blow-up animals came tumbling down from above the stage (don't ask me why) and guess who caught one. Teenage girls tried to rip it away from me, but I held on for dear life with my yoga arms (proof of just how mature I am).

David's and my wedding present to Sofie and her husband got lost in the mail - but arrived today, the day we're flying back to London and the happy couple is on their honeymoon in France. But hey, they'll have one more present to open when they get home!

Speaking of presents - I turned 18 (ok, not really) and got a beautiful new Canon EOS 600D with all the extras. I'm wildly excited about it, but mostly just scared to break it. If anyone happens to know how to use it, give me a call.

I also got a MasterCard gift card - most likely to be spent on a September beach holiday!

I celebrated my big day in Hermans, a vegetarian restaurant in Stockholm - and fell in love with it! If you're vegan and visiting Stockholm, this place is heaven. I had a raw food cake that was out of this universe.

I was reminded, once again, how awesome my friends are.

And how much love I will always have for them.

I stayed up until 3 am with my sister chatting about life, dreams, the future and Instagram.

I saw the amazing "Fashion, Figures, Faces" exhibition by Swedish fashion illustrator Mats Gustafsson at Millesgården on my birthday.

A friend gave me a H&M gift certificate, which led to my making acquaintance with this dress:

I met the newest member of my mum's household:

And this view. This view happened.

This photo came about while having a drink with some friends at sunset (which in Sweden in June means about ten-eleven p.m). While flipping through the photos of the night, I found myself wishing, once again, that I could just take all of these moments, put them into a little envelope and save them forever. Maybe in a pretty little box. These fleeting little pieces of life. Glimpses of the universe and of how breathtakingly amazing it can be sometimes. We tend to get caught up in bills, buses and Sundays at the supermarket, forgetting about how lucky we are to be here. Forgetting to take in all the beauty, the wonder of living.

This photo is a reminder of my blind and dumb luck. A wake-up call to remember how happy I can be. For my family, my friends, my fiancé. For my three amazing, beautiful cities, London, Stockholm and Milan. For my writing and how much I love it, more and more with each day, for how lucky I am to be doing it for a living. For concerts at sunset, for laughing with friends, for a cat curling up at my feet. For hugging my mother. For wearing a new dress.  For planning my wedding. For just being alive, truly and totally, two hundred percent alive.

Pictures by me


  1. bello vedere foto scattate da te!! spero che ce ne farai vedere ancora, visto il super regalo ;) sono contenta per le giornate che hai avuto!!

  2. Meraviglioso. Semplicemente meraviglioso. Il post che hai scritto, ma soprattutto i pensieri e le sensazioni che hai provato. Grazie grazie grazie per condividerle qui, grazie infinte per la possibilità che dai ai tuoi lettori (me, in primis) di leggerti, di condividere i tuoi pensieri e soprattutto di ricordarci quante cose abbiamo per ritenerci assolutamente fortunate. Dalla passione per la scrittura, a quella per i viaggi, all'amore, agli amici, alla famiglia...All'emozionarsi ogni giorno per quello splendido, fantastico regalo che è la vita.

    Love you!

  3. Beautiful post - so full of happiness. :) xxxx

  4. Beautiful post of the celebration of life :) x


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