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As you may know from my blog's name and header, I'm a coffee-aholic! When I wake up, there's nothing I want more than a cup of almond macchiato (to enjoy in bed with my breakfast and some TV - ah, the joys of freelance life!). I love takeaway soy lattes to sip on while heading home from a meeting. I love relaxing in cozy coffee house sofas and indulging in a hazelnut cappuccino. I try not to over-indulge as a too-enthusiastic caffeine habit stops that addictive energy buzz from kicking in, but as far as I'm concerned, happiness has the flavour of espresso.

So when Kopi contacted me with the offer to try one of their coffees, I was flattered and curious!

Kopi is a premium coffee service that's dedicated to bringing the best coffee from around the world to its members. Kopi are represented by Positive Luxury's Blue Butterfly mark of positive living, read more about their ethical side here.

I was sent a summery, sweet coffee with notes of apple, pear and almond that came all the way from Burundi! It tasted different to the Lavazza I'm used to (keep in mind that I live with an Italian) but I definitely appreciated it - it had a unique taste that I liked a lot. I'd love to be a coffee connoisseur, something like a coffee sommelier, discovering different varieties of my favourite drink from around the globe. Kopi definitely offers its members the chance to find out more about coffee and explore flavours from all angles of the world.

Final verdict: Kopi gets a big YES from me. Check out the website here.

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