Mix tape: songs I love and my boyfriend hates

I will forever be grateful to David for inspiring my taste in music. When I say "inspiring" I mean actually providing me with a taste in music. Before I met my significant other, who's a guitarist and guitar technician, I listened to some things I'm seriously ashamed of today! There are bands and artists that David actually introduced me to - Dream Theater, Gary Moore, BB King (I knew who they were, but I'd never listened to them) and there are those that he helped me re-discover and re-fall in love with, such as Queen and Nirvana.  And then there are bands that I got obsessed with on my own - Led Zeppelin, Green Day, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Pretty Reckless - but only because I now have a taste in music, and that's thanks to him. But the bitter truth is there are things we'll never have in common, musically.  Here they are.

Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful

David can't stand Lana Del Rey. I adore her. I think she's one of the very few true artists of this particularly gloom music moment. I love singers that actually have an idea of who they want to be and stay true to themselves, and Lana does that every time she sings. This song is, in my opinion, her best one to date - but maybe I only think so because I loved The Great Gatsby. David loved the film too, but while he can admit that Lana's song was right for it, he still claims it bores him to death.

30 Seconds to Mars - Up in the Air

As the loudest screamer at both Milan 2011 and Stockholm 2013 concerts as well as Jared Leto's personal Twitter stalker, I'm arguably the biggest 30STM fan on this Earth. I drag David to all the concerts and he willingly comes along - but he does so hoping to hear the old songs, from the first album and possibly A Beautiful Lie. He winces at all the new songs and thinks they sound like "nothing". While I prefer the older songs as well, I still find the newest album Love Lust Faith + Dreams a masterpiece.

Adele - Someone Like You

I know what you're thinking: how can someone possibly hate this song? How? 
I don't know what to tell you. He says Adele is "boring". I'm at a loss.

Tom Odell - Hold Me

David thinks Tom's voice sounds exactly like "Christmas is All Around" from Love Actually. I have no idea why.

Colin McLoughlin - Titanium

Yep, "boring" again. David's not big on covers, whereas I could listen to Colin all day, whatever he sings. 

Ellie Goulding - Explosions

Seriously, I love living in a country with this much good music. David doesn't actually mind Ellie - it's just this song he can't stand (claims he could sing like that, "after hitting my manhood on a table corner"). I'm crazy about the tone of her voice - she sounds unreal! I listen to this obsessively. As soon as David leaves the house.

The Pretty Reckless - Zombie

Am I the only one wondering what possessed Taylor Momsen to waste all that time on Gossip Girl when obviously her true talent is singing? I have a serious thing for The Pretty Reckless - punky, rebellious girl-rock at its best. And this song is addictive. David does, though like Under The Water very much.

While there are many undeniable truths in music that we would never argue about - we agree on Nirvana's Unplugged being the best album in music history, we both think Kanye West sounded way better pre-Kim Kardashian and we both despise teenybopper music with a fiery passion - there are some things we'll never agree on. Even so, if we ever have kids, I'll more than gladly pass David's tastes in music on to them.

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