hi, I'm Sascha's early birthday present.

Hi, I'm Sascha's new wallet.

Her lovely boyfriend bought me as an early present for her birthday, which, by the way, is a week from Friday. She absolutely loves me - but who can blame her? Her old wallet was beyond bin-ready. I mean, no offense, it's cute and all, but honey - stripes? Purple stripes? Um, no. Now that Sascha's turning the big 3-0, she's going to need an adult wallet. A sleek, chic, understated one. One that goes perfectly with all her outfits and that gorge Jill Milan bag.

The best part? I get to go to Stockholm with Sascha in just four days! I get to travel around in her big roomy carry-on bag and nestle cozily in the maxi-clutch she'll carry to her sister's wedding as well as to her own birthday dinner. I get to be paraded in front of all her friends. And man do I look cute being shown off.

The downside? Man, this chick stuffs a lot of crap into me. Old 30 Seconds to Mars concert tickets from 2011 - you're seeing them again in nine days, so it might be time to throw the old one out. The We Will Rock You musical ticket from last year. A Tube map - seriously, girl, are you trying to look touristey? And what's with the loyalty cards to every beauty shop and coffee house in the Northern hemisphere? These freelancers, they've got too much time on their hands, I tell you.

Want to buy me? I can be found right here. And of course I'm vegan. Duh!

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