Heading Home

When I travel, this is the look I tend to go for:

...and the look I usually end up with:

Once again I find myself sitting on the floor immersed in clothes, trying to make sense of what must be the world's biggest carry-on (containing, so far: hair straightener, two pairs of shoes, ten pairs of undies, an iPhone charger, the latest issue of Cosmo and a handbag...yet to contain the computer I'm typing this on). Once again I'm close to tears over how much I hate Ryanair - why a 15kg limit? Why? Why? All of the normal airlines (EasyJet) offer 20kg. Why I'm not flying with those? Well, for starters they don't fly to Stockholm anymore. And that's where I'm headed tomorrow.

You see, this time is different from other family holidays. This time, I'm preparing for what could be one of the most important weeks in my life. My sister is getting married on Sunday and I'm turning 30 in a week, so it's safe to say this is an incredibly important trip. One I cannot mess up by forgetting to bring the right dress. Or shoes.

This is the week when I'll see my sister walk down the aisle in her beautiful white dress, the dress of a thousand dreams. I'll get to meet her boxer puppy and my mum's new cat. I'll see two birthday dinners thrown for me - one with my family and then another one with my friends. I'll jump and scream at my favourite band's concert. I'll walk through Stockholm at sunset. I'll share countless cups of tea with my mother and my other sister, the one that's moving away to France in August. I'll look at the infinite green view of my hometown from my dad's balcony. I'll laugh and I'll probably cry.

It hasn't sunk in yet, all of it. I've yet to properly realize that in these short ten days, my sister's becoming a wife, we're saying goodbye to my other sister moving away and I am turning 30. I'm starting to feel it now, as I'm typing this. This wave of changes. It's very strange to think that when we come back to Sweden in what will probably be December, neither of my sisters are going to be there, at my mother's house. One of them is going to be away and the other one will be living with her husband. No matter how aware you think you are of the rollercoaster of life, it never fails to take you by surprise when that huge dip finally does come.

But I'll save the Kleenex moments for later. After all, I've got a wonderful week to look forward to - one of joy and laughter, cuddles with cute animals, Stockholm sun (let's hope so!) and all my lovely friends and my awesome family.

So I'm packing in my entire life into a shared suitcase (yes, David and I got one - ONE - suitcase to share just to avoid paying £100 extra to Ryanair) and that humongous carry-on. And I'm hoping for the best.

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  1. Wow, sembra davvero una settimana molto importante! Buon viaggio e buon divertimento! ^^

  2. Definitely sounds action packed! Enjoy it xx


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