Freedom Of Animals: The Coolest Vegan Bags You've Ever Seen

I stumbled across this fabulous brand on Fashionista  and instantly fell in love with their classy vegan handbags. Freedom of Animals does what I've been waiting for a vegan brand to do forever, which is put forward a product that's eco-conscious and truly stylish, as opposed to something that looks like it belongs more on Betty Suarez than Miranda Priestley (as much as I may love and identify with Betty).  Let's face it, too many vegan brands are high in compassion but surprisingly low in trend-consciousness (aside from Jill Milan, their vegan bags are top notch as well and A-list Hollywood clients will tell you so too). Plus, Freedom of Animals use only recycled materials, making them a friend to the planet as well as our furry friends...not to mention our chic quotient.

I don't know what it is - maybe years of hippie-esque associations, but then I proudly call myself a hippie - but as soon as you mention that you're vegan, all notions of style and fashion somehow go out the window. You're not expected to care about something as shallow as what you put on your body. As long as it's not leather, who cares what it looks like, right? We're all here to serve Mother Nature and forget to shave our armpits anyway. Well, not me. I love looking good - or, you know, at least trying to look decent. Most days. And I don't see why that should change just because I've chosen a compassionate lifestyle.

One of the reasons why vegans are considered less fashion-forward could be the fact that there are so crushingly few high-fashion choices out there to cater to the needs of the compassionate crowd that it kind of goes without saying that, having made the choice to go vegan, you have somehow rejected fashion from the start. Because of this very limiting generalization, I'm glad that brands like Freedom Of Animals are here to prove that we, too, do care about style. We know designers. We know what the SS13 trends are - heck, we've even got a good grip on AW13-14. But we also know where materials come from, how exactly they're made and what that does to the planet and to other creatures - and that's what sets us apart.

I wish there were more brands like Freedom Of Animals. Brands that have a chic minimalist website, a truly well-styled lookbook with stylish photos, a product that every blogger would kill to get their hands on AND a kind approach to animals and the planet. It's when I see brands like this that I feel that veganism - and vegan fashion - really is the future.

Pictures from Freedom Of Animals


  1. These bags are gorgeous!

    Sita xx

  2. Che carine queste borse, sono molto stilose!

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